The Big Easy

231 Grande Heights Dr
Cary NC 27513

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About The Big Easy
Check out our complete meals for less than $10/ person!
The Big Easy offers authentic Cajun dishes along with classic New Orleans favorites. Hot Buffets, Box lunches, Soups and Appetizers, we have something for everyone. Find your favorite Louisiana dish at the Big Easy!
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Value Packages

Looking for a deal? Value Packs are designed to provide a complete meal at a reasonable price. Option to remove beverage ($.75pp) and/or dessert($.75pp) for further savings. Remember to add a chaffing dish to keep your meal nice & hot!

Pasta Primavera Package (10-12 guest)
Jambalaya Pasta Package (10-12 guest)
Assorted Box lunch Package

Hot Buffet Entrees

1/2 pan serves 10-12 guest and full pan serves 18-22 guest. Remember to order a disposable chaffing dish to keep your meal nice & hot!

Chicken Opelousas Pan - Half
Chicken Opelousas Pan - Full
Pasta Primavera Pan - Half
Pasta Primavera Pan - Full
Jambalaya Pasta Pan - Half
Jambalaya Pasta Pan - Full
Chicken & Tasso Pasta Pan - Half
Chicken & Tasso Pasta Pan - Full

Box Lunches

Complete lunches packed in its own box with sandwich or wrap, chips, slaw and fresh baked brownie.

Shrimp Ceasar Wrap Box
Chicken Ceasar Wrap Box
Ham & Cheese Box
Club Sandwich Box
Turkey & Cheese Box
Muffulletta Box
Roast Beef Box
Chicken Salad Box

Salad Bowls

Side portions of salad served in bowls family style. Option to add Shrimp (Extra $8 small or $16 large), Chicken(Extra $8 small or $16 large) or Oysters(Extra $12 small or $24 large). Small Bowl serves 10 and Large serves 20 guest.

House Salad Bowl ~ Small
House Salad Bowl ~ Large
Caesar Salad Bowl ~ Small
Caesar Salad Bowl ~ Large
Greek Salad Bowl ~ Small
Greek Salad Bowl ~ Large

Individual Salads

Individual Entrée Salads. Option to add Shrimp, Chicken $3.75 or Oysters. $4.50

House Salad Individual
Caesar Salad Individual
Greek Salad Bowl Individual

Appetizer Platters

Caribbean Jerk Wings - 30
Caribbean Jerk Wings - 60
Caribbean Jerk Wings - 100
Louisianna Pretzel Pan - Half
Louisianna Pretzel Pan - Full
Grilled Shrimp Tray - 3lb
Grilled Shrimp Tray - 6lb
Alligator Bites Tray - 3lb
Alligator Bites Tray - 6lb
Mini Crabcakes Tray - 3lb
Mini Crabcakes Tray - 6lb


Cookie Tray
Brownie Tray
Cookie/Brownie Tray


All beverages served chilled.

Assorted 12oz can beverages

Utensils & Equipment

Disposable Chafing Dish