CN Rewards

NOTE - to enroll in CN Rewards, please login or register then return to this page.

CN Rewards is the best rewards program in the business! We want to reward you for choosing Cater Nation AND for referring your friends and colleagues. Once you enroll, you will earn one reward point for every dollar you spend (equivalent to 2%) in food & beverage when ordering online. Please note that orders placed by phone or email earn one-half reward point per dollar spent. This difference only applies to base points and not bonus points periodically offered by our restaurant or catering partners.

Like bonus points? There are 3 ways to earn points even faster:

  1. Refer a friend - you will receive minimum 500 bonus points when your referral orders from Cater Nation
  2. Refer a restaurant or caterer - you will receive 500 bonus points when they sign up with Cater Nation

  3.  Order from Cater Nation partner restaurants or caterers that offer bonus points!

We understand that some companies have a policy against their employees participating in rewards programs. Please review your company's policy before enrolling. To comply with some company policies, we do offer a program that restricts redemption options to only Cater Nation order credits, please inquire for more information.

As you accumulate points, you will reach various award levels. You can redeem your points when you reach that first level, or you can hold onto them until you reach the NEXT level. It's up to you!

You may redeem your points for any of the following: Target eGift Card, Gift Card, Prepaid VISA card, American Express Gift Card, a credit towards a future Cater Nation order or we will make a donation in your name equal to your cash reward to a food bank charity in your hometown. From time to time, additional reward choices may be made available for redemption.

After cashing in your points, any unused points are yours to keep! Points are subject to expiration after one year of account inactivity.

As a thank you for signing up we will give you retroactive points credit for your prior 90 days of orders, if applicable. And don't forget the different ways to earn bonus points as described above!

Award Tiers

Reward Points Achieved



$15 reward


$25 reward


$40 reward


$50 reward


$100 reward


$150 reward


$200 reward


$250 reward


$500 reward


The hometown food bank charities that we are affiliated with include:

NOTE: The CN Rewards Program is subject to change at any time; participants will be notified in advance of significant changes.

For more information about the CN Rewards Program or to inquire about your reward status, please email