Group Ordering

How Does it Work?

  • Select “Invite the Group” – This will allow each individual guest to select their menu items.
  • Select date & time
  • Select a restaurant
  • Choose the associates that will be part of the group order.
  • Select the payment method - You pay on one credit card. The manager can set individual dollar limits, require job codes for every user, and more.
  • The system will send an invitation email to your guests.
  • Guests Select Their Menu Items - As each person receives the email, they click on the link and then select the menu items they want to order, just as if they were placing their own order.
  • Order Consolidation - Our system will create one large, single order order. All the items will be labeled with the proper guest’s name.

Don’t waste time driving to and from the restaurant, waiting in lines for a table, and waiting for your food! Click here, round up your friends and have a great meal.