How do I place an order with Cater Nation?

How do we make our customers' lives easier? We not only take your order. We manage your order. Our local Market Owners work directly with you and our catering partners.

Step 1: Log in to your account right from the Home Page.

Step 2: Select Order Type (Regular, Group or Takeout).

Step 3: Enter your Delivery Location or select a saved location.

Step 4: Choose the Date & Time of your event.

Step 5: Select one of our high quality Restaurants or Caterers.

Step 6: Choose Menu Items and enter Special Instructions, your Job Code, and a Label (if applicable).

Step 7: Click on Check Out when your order is ready and arrange for secure Payment.

Step 8: We take over from here...Cater Nation will route your order to the restaurant or caterer, confirm acceptance, then track your order and manage any changes. Prior to your order pick-up or delivery, we re-confirm with the restaurant or caterer and then notify you that your order is good to go. See PDF link below for more details.

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