Capital Tacos

7484 University Blvd
Winter Park FL 32792

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About Capital Tacos
Award-winning, customizable taco bars, bowl bars, salad bars, individual pre-packaged meals, burrito bundles, and much more! Our catering menu, like everything at Capital is made from scratch and features the very chef-created flavors and ingredients we're known for. You can't find flavors like ours anywhere else. Capital Tacos requires 12 hours of notice for all orders of 40 or more guests.
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Catering Packages

Taco & Bowl Bar
Epic Nacho Bar
Salad Bar

Burrito Bundle

Select you pre-loaded burritos - each comes fully loaded with fresh-steamed Mexican rice and black beans (except where noted). Note: a minimum of 10 people is required for to purchase a burrito bundle.

Burrito Bundle

Individual Taco & Fajita Meals

Hen House Meal ~ One Taco
Hen House Meal ~ Two Tacos
Ace High Carnitas Meal ~ One Taco
Ace High Carnitas Meal ~ Two Taco
Ground Beast Meal ~ One Taco
Ground Beast Meal ~ Two Taco
Chicken Fajitas Meal ~ One Fajita
Chicken Fajitas Meal ~ Two Fajitas
Catawampus Meal ~ One Taco
Catawampus Meal ~ Two Taco
The Naked Beast Meal ~ One Taco
The Naked Beast Meal ~ Two Tacos

Individual Salad & Bowl Meals

Hen House Salad Meal ~ Individual
Hen House Rice Bowl ~ Individual
Ace High Carnitas Salad Meal ~ Individual
Ace High Carnitas Rice Bowl ~ Individual
Ground Beast Salad Meal ~ Individual
Ground Beast Rice Bowl ~ Individual
Catawampus Salad Meal ~ Individual
Catawampus Rice Bowl ~ Individual
The Naked Beast Salad Bowl ~ Individual
The Naked Beast Rice Bowl ~ Individual


Hand-cut Chips
Mexican Rice
Black Beans
Mild Salsa
Salsa ~ Quart
Queso ~ Quart


Mini Churros ~ Individual


Capital Cola ~ Gallon
Capital Fruit Punch ~ Gallon
Capital Cola Zero ~ Gallon
Capital Orange Cream ~ Gallon
Capital Black Cherry ~ Gallon
Capital Lemon Lime ~ Gallon
Capital Root Beer ~ Gallon
Capital Lemonade ~ Gallon
Unsweet Tea ~ Gallon
Sweet Tea ~ Gallon
Mango Green Tea ~ Gallon