Mr. Shawarma

725 W 21st St
Norfolk VA 23517

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About Mr. Shawarma
Enjoy the best Middle Eastern street food flavors with Mr. Shawarma's all-inclusive catering feast. Treat your guests to generous servings of our authentic handmade dishes, like pillowy pita, the best falafel on the planet, savory shawarma, and our made-from-scratch signature sauces. No matter what type of event, your guests will enjoy customizing their own pita sandwich, wrap or bowl, including vegan and gluten-free options. No worries, we have something for everyone. Everything is made in-house.
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Chafing Setup

Mr. Shawarma Feast

Includes choice of protein, 1 pita bread per person, basmati rice or lentils. original hummus, red cabbage salad (with diced tomatoes & onions), fried eggplant, Middle Eastern pickles, red chili schug hummus, jalapeo cilantro schug hummus, sauces (garlic, Tahini, Amba), plates, utensils, and napkins.

Falafel ~ Feast
Turkey Shawarma ~ Feast
Steak Shawarma ~ Feast

Build Your Own

Falafel ~ Pita
Turkey Shawarma ~ Pita
Steak Shawarma ~ Pita
Falafel ~ Wrap
Turkey Shawarma ~ Wrap
Steak Shawarma ~ Wrap
Falafel ~ Bowl
Turkey Shawarma ~ Bowl
Steak Shawarma ~ Bowl


Rice ~ 8 oz
Lentils ~ 8 oz
Fried Eggplants ~ 8 oz
Fries ~ Individual
Falafel Appetizer




Nectar ~ Peach
Nectar ~ Mango
Nectar ~ Strawberry Banana
Niagara Water
Gold Peak Tea ~ Unsweetened
Gold Peak Tea ~ Sweetened
Gold Peak Tea ~ Green Tea