The Kebab Guys

1727 Berryessa Rd
San Jose CA 95133

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About The Kebab Guys
Authentic Turkish, Lebanese and Greek Mediterranean Food. Best in the Bay Area!
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Utensils / Setups

Catering Bars

Lebanese Shawarma Bar
Turkish Kebab Bar
Deluxe Mediterranean Bar
Vegetarian & Vegan Bar
Pita Bread Tray
Fries - Tray
Eggplant Salad Tray
Grilled Veggies Tray
Baklava Tray

Lunch Boxes

Option to Add Cookie, Brownie, Fresh Fruit and/or Baklava for $1 each. If your group includes just a few vegetarians, please note in Special Instructions and we can accommodate.

Lamb-Beef Shawarma Wrap Lunch Box
Chicken Shawarma Wrap Lunch Box
Mixed Shawarma Wrap Lunch Box
Falafel & Dolma Wrap Lunch Box
Lamb-Beef Shawarma Pita Pocket Lunch Box
Chicken Shawarma Pita Pocket Lunch Box
Mixed Shawarma Pita Pocket Lunch Box
Falafel & Dolma Pita Pocket Lunch Box
Rice Plate Lunch Box
Vegetarian & Vegan Lunch Box

Extra Sides

Rice Tray
Greek Salad Tray
Shepard Salad Tray
Hummus & Pita Tray
Falfafel Tray
Chicken Tray
Beef Tray


Option to Add Black Coffee, Latte or Cappuccino, Fresh Juices, or Seasonal Fresh Fruit.

Breakfast Sandwich Package - Per Person
Breakfast Bar - Per Person
Black Coffee
Seasonal Fresh Fruit


Baklava - Tray
Baklava - Individual