HoneyBaked Ham

5771 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton FL 34209

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About HoneyBaked Ham
...bringing you the taste of lasting memories. We have box lunches, salads and more.
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Platters & Buffets

The VIP Buffet
Supreme Sandwich Tray
Signature Meat Tray
Sandwich Builder Buffet
Signature Meat & Cheese Tray - Medium
Signature Meat & Cheese Tray - Large
Fresh Fruit Tray
Fresh Veggie Tray

Signature Sandwich Boxed Lunch

Includes a bag of chips and a cookie.. (Note different sandwiches are offered with Signature Sandwich boxes versus Specialty Sandwich boxes.)

Signature Sandwich Boxed Lunches - Assorted
HoneyBaked Ham Classic Boxed Lunch
HoneyBaked Roasted Turkey Boxed Lunch
Chicken Salad Boxed Lunch
HoneyBaked Smoked Turkey Boxed Lunch
Ham Salad Boxed Lunch
Roasted Tomato & Cheddar Boxed Lunch

Specialty Sandwich Boxed Lunch

Includes a bag of chips and a cookie. (Note different sandwiches are offered with Speciality Boxes vs. Signature Sandwich Boxes.)

Assorted Specialty Sandwich Boxed Lunches
The HoneyBaked Specialty Boxed Lunch
Tavern Club Specialty Boxed Lunch
BBQ Smoked Stacker Specialty Boxed Lunch
Turkey Bacon Ranch Specialty Boxed Lunch

Salad Boxed Lunches

Entree Salad and a cookie.

Cobb Salad Boxed Lunch
Veggie Cobb Salad Boxed Lunch
Garden Salad Boxed Lunch

Buffet Salads

Cobb Salad Bowl
Garden Party Salad Bowl
Veggie Cobb Salad Bowl

Catering Sides

Smashed Potato Salad
Broccoli Bacon Bliss Salad
Ham Salad
Chicken Salad


The Cookie Temptation Platter
Individual Cookie


Sweet Tea - Gallon
Unsweetened Tea - Gallon
Bottled Water ~ Individual


Lemonade (gallon)