Gusto Farm to Street

4733 Elm St
Bethesda MD 20814

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About Gusto Farm to Street
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Gusto Farm to Street is a healthy, fast casual restaurant specializing in fast fired pizzas, farm fresh salads and sandwiches. Gusto offers a cauliflower crust pizza that is gluten free and low in calories, not to mention delicious! Gusto also offers fresh seasonal juices. All ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, some even from Gusto's family farm in Gettysburg, PA. Editor's pick for Best New Pizza in Bethesda Magazine 2017 and Bethesda Best at Taste of Bethesda 2016.
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Sandwich Trays

See Box lunch section for sandwich descriptions of the four types of Sandwiches offered on Trays. All sandwiches cut into halves.

Sandwich Tray - Small
Sandwich Tray - Large
Combo Sandwich/Salad Tray - Small
Combo Sandwich/Salad Tray - Large

Sandwich Box lunches

Box lunch includes sandwich, chips, pickle and cookie. Add fruit cup for $4 or 1/2 salad for $5. Salad choices include Local Farmers or Full Moon Harvest.

Roasted Chicken Avocado Box
Classic Italian Box
Roasted Chicken BLT Box
Farmhouse Veggie Box


Kettle Chips
Bag of Apple Chips
Small Fruit salad
Large Fruit salad

Salad Entrees

Small tray serves 6-8 and large tray serves 12-16. Option to add protein which serves 6-8 guest. Proteins include Roasted Tofu ($10.95), Roasted Chicken ($13.95), Blackened Shrimp ($16.95) or Grilled Steak ($18.95)

Local Farmers Tray - Small
EL Ranchero Tray - Small
Kale 'N Quinoa Tray - Small
Holy Guacamole Tray - Small
Full Moon Harvest Tray - Small
Thai Crunch Tray - Small
Spring Chick Tray - Small
Local Farmers Tray - Large
El Ranchero Tray - Large
Kale 'N Quinoa Tray - Large
Holy Guacamole Tray - Large
Full Moon Harvest Tray - Large
Thai Crunch Tray - Large
Spring Chick Tray - Large

Individual Salads

Option to add Roasted Chicken ($2.45) or Roasted Tofu ($1.95) OR Grilled Steak ($3.25) , Blackened Shrimp ($2.95) OR cookie ($1 to $2)

Local Farmers
Holy Guacamole
Full Moon Harvest
Thai Crunch
El Ranchero
Kale 'n Quinoa
Spring Chick Mix


Individual Pizzas. 8 slices Crust options include: Traditional , Whole grain OR Cauliflower ($2.95 extra)

Plain Jane
The Rio
Devil's Wing
Wild Shroom
Farmer's Wife
4 Little Pigs
Bee Sting
Big Bad Wolf


Cookie Tray - Small
Cookie Tray - Large


Served chilled.

Bottled Water
Assorted Sparkling Water
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea ~ Half Gallon
Fresh Made Mango Kale Apple Juice
Seasonal Juice

Utensils & Equipment