Fun Pizza Kitchen

4181 Main St
The Colony TX 75056

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About Fun Pizza Kitchen
Serving creative pizzas, pastas & salads.
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Utensils / Setups - no charge


Toppings: bacon, sausage, Canadian bacon, beef, pepperoni, Italian sausage, roasted chicken, sliced meatballs, feta black olives, green olives, Roma tomatoes, red onions, cashews, jalapenos, baby spinach, fresh mushrooms, artichoke hearts, pineapple, fresh basil, fresh garlic, green bell peppers, spicy paneer, spicy corn, spicy tandoori chicken, spicy garlic, spicy garlic chicken

Cheese Pizza - X Large
Cheese Pizza ~ Large
Cheese Pizza ~ Medium
Cheese Pizza ~ Small

Fresh Salads

Dressings: Ranch / Balsamic Vinaigrette / Creamy Italian / Caesar / Thousand Island / Raspberry Walnut

Garden Salad Tray ~ Large
Garden Salad Tray ~ Small
Dinner Salad ~ Large
Caesar Salad ~ Large
Greek Salad ~ Large
Southwest Salad
Fun Hawaiian Salad

Gourmet X-Large Pizzas

All XL pizzas can be made with our whole wheat crust for an additional charge (+$1.30).

The Italian Classic Pizza - X Large
Garden Vegetable Pizza - X Large
Artichoke Delight Pizza - X Large
Four Cheese Pizza - X Large
Fun Mediterranean Pizza - X Large
Whole Wheat Pizza - X Large
Chicken Delight Pizza - X Large
Pesto Chicken Pizza - X Large
Alfredo Chicken Pizza - X Large
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - X Large
Roasted Cashew Chicken Pizza - X Large
Chicken Veggie Pizza - X Large
The Fun Club Pizza - X Large
The Supreme Pizza - X Large
The Firehouse Pizza - X Large
Meat Lover's Pizza - X Large
BBQ Chicken Pizza - X Large
Thunder Pizza - X Large
Hawaiian Pizza - X Large
Shrimp Alfredo Pizza - X Large
Meabtall Pizza - X Large

Gourmet Large Pizzas

All Large pizzas can be made with our whole wheat crust for an additional charge (+$1.20) or Gluten Free (+$5)

The Italian Classic Pizza ~ Large
Garden Vegetable Pizza ~ Large
Artichoke Delight Pizza ~ Large
Four Cheese Pizza ~ Large
Fun Mediterranean Pizza ~ Large
Whole Wheat Pizza ~ Large
Chicken Delight Pizza ~ Large
Pesto Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Alfredo Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Buffalo Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Roasted Cashew Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Chicken Veggie Pizza ~ Large
The Fun Club Pizza ~ Large
The Supreme Pizza ~ Large
The Firehouse Pizza ~ Large
Meat Lover's Pizza ~ Large
BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Thunder Pizza ~ Large
Hawaiian Pizza ~ Large
Shrimp Alfredo Pizza ~ Large
Meatball Pizza ~ Large

Gourmet Medium Pizzas

All Medium pizzas can be made with our whole wheat crust for an additional charge (+$1.10).

The Italian Classic Pizza ~ Medium
Garden Vegetable Pizza ~ Medium
Artichoke Delight Pizza ~ Medium
Four Cheese Pizza ~ Medium
Fun Mediterranean Pizza ~ Medium
Whole Wheat Pizza ~ Medium
Chicken Delight Pizza ~ Medium
Pesto Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Alfredo Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Buffalo Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Roasted Cashew Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Chicken Veggie Pizza ~ Medium
The Fun Club Pizza ~ Medium
The Supreme Pizza ~ Medium
The Firehouse Pizza ~ Medium
Meat Lover's Pizza ~ Medium
BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Thunder Pizza ~ Medium
Hawaiian Pizza ~ Medium
Shrimp Alfredo Pizza ~ Medium
Meatball Pizza ~ Medium

Gourmet Small Pizzas

All Small pizzas can be made with our whole wheat crust for an additional charge (+$1) or Gluten Free (+$3)

The Italian Classic Pizza ~ Small
Garden Vegetable Pizza ~ Small
Artichoke Delight Pizza ~ Small
Four Cheese Pizza (Small)
Fun Mediterranean Pizza ~ Small
Whole Wheat Pizza ~ Small
Chicken Delight Pizza ~ Small
Pesto Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Alfedo Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Buffalo Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Roasted Cashew Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Chicken Veggie Pizza ~ Small
The Fun Club Pizza ~ Small
The Supreme Pizza ~ Small
The Firehouse Pizza ~ Small
Meat Lover's Pizza ~ Small
BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Thunder Pizza ~ Small
Hawaiian Pizza ~ Small
Shrimp Alfredo Pizza ~ Small
Meatball Pizza ~ Small


Served with garlic cheese bread.

Pasta ~ Small Tray
Pasta ~ Large Tray
Fun Chicken Pasta
Baked Pasta Arrabiata

Sandwiches & Chips

Greek Gyro Sandwich
Meatball Sub
Pesto Chicken Sandwich
Tandoori Chicken Pita
Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Chicken Club
Hot Italian Sub
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Veggie Sandwich

Gourmet Personal Pizzas

Personal Pizzas can be made with our whole wheat crust for an additional $1.

The Italian Classic Pizza - Personal
Garden Vegetable Pizza - Personal
Artichoke Delight Pizza - Personal
Four Cheese Pizza - Personal
The Mediterranean Pizza - Personal
Whole Wheat Pizza - Personal
Chicken Delight Pizza - Personal
Pesto Chicken Pizza - Personal
Alfredo Chicken Pizza - Personal
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Personal
Roasted Cashew Chicken Pizza - Personal
Chicken Veggie Pizza - Personal
Fun Club Pizza - Personal
The Supreme Pizza - Personal
The Firehouse Pizza - Personal
Meat Lover's Pizza - Personal
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Personal
Thunder Pizza - Personal
Hawaiian Pizza - Personal
Shrimp Alfredo Pizza - Personal
Meatball Pizza - Personal

Desi Veg Pizza

Indian Veggie Pizza - Personal
Margherita Pizza - Personal
Garlic Veggie Pizza - Personal
Spicy Corn Pizza - Personal
Jain Pizza - Personal
Chatpata Pizza - Personal
Achari Pizza - Personal
Indian Veggie Pizza ~ Small
Har Mich Pineapple Pizza ~ Small
Garlic Veggie Pizza ~ Small
Spicy Corn Pizza ~ Small
Jain Pizza ~ Small
Margherita Pizza ~ Small
Chatpata Pizza ~ Small
Achari Pizza ~ Small
Har Mich Pineapple Pizza ~ Small
Indian Veggie Pizza - Mediu
Garlic Veggie Pizza ~ Medium
Spicy Corn Pizza ~ Medium
Jain Pizza ~ Medium
Margherita Pizza ~ Medium
Chatpata Pizza ~ Medium
Achari Pizza ~ Medium
Har Mich Pineapple Pizza ~ Medium
Indian Veggie Pizza ~ Large
Garlic Veggie Pizza ~ Large
Spicy Corn Pizza ~ Large
Jain Pizza ~ Large
Margherita Pizza ~ Large
Chatpata Pizza ~ Large
Achari Pizza ~ Large
Har Mich Pineapple Pizza ~ Large
Indian Veggie Pizza - X Large
Garlic Veggie Pizza ~ Large
Spicy Corn Pizza - X Large
Jain Pizza - X Large
Margherita Pizza - X Large
Chatpata Pizza - X Large
Achari Pizza - X Large
Har Mich Pineapple Pizza - X Large

Desi Chicken Pizza

Tandoori Chicken Pizza - Personal
Garlic Chicken Pizza - Personal
Desi BBQ Chicken Pizza - Personal
Tandoori Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Garlic Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Desi BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ Small
Tandoori Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Garlic Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Desi BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ Medium
Tandoori Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Garlic Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Desi BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ Large
Tandoori Chicken Pizza - X Large
Garlic Chicken Pizza - X Large
Desi BBQ Chicken Pizza - X Large

Desi Paneer Pizza

Paneer Pizza - Perssonal
Jain Paneer Pizza - Perssonal
Chilli Paneer Pizza - Perssonal
Achari Paneer Pizza - Perssonal
Paneer Pizza ~ Small
Jain Paneer Pizza ~ Small
Chilli Paneer Pizza ~ Small
Achari Paneer Pizza ~ Small
Paneer Pizza ~ Medium
Jain Paneer Pizza ~ Medium
Chilli Paneer Pizza ~ Medium
Achari Paneer Pizza ~ Medium
Paneer Pizza -~ Large
Jain Paneer Pizza ~ Large
Chilli Paneer Pizza ~ Large
Achari Paneer Pizza ~ Large
Paneer Pizza - X :Large
Jain Paneer Pizza - X Large
Chilli Paneer Pizza - X Large
Achari Paneer Pizza - X Large

Desi Sandwiches

Veggie Sandwich (Desi)
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich (Desi)
Paneer Tikka Sandwich (Desi)


Triple Sampler
Cheese Bread ~ Large
Greek Bread ~ Large
Margherita Bread ~ Large
Chilli Cheese Bread ~ Large


Cheese Cake


Iced Tea - 1.89L