Heckman's Delicatessen

4914 Cordell Ave
Bethesda MD 20814

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About Heckman's Delicatessen
Heckman's features traditional New York Style Jewish Deli Cuisine. The emphasis is on fresh food, prepared and cooked in house to order. All day breakfast, a large selection of sandwiches, smoked fish and traditional deli fare such as latkes, knishes and wonderful cakes and pastries highlight an extensive menu.
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Bagel Platter
Continental Breakfast Platter
Fruit Tray - Small
Fruit Tray - Medium
Fruit Tray - Large


Minimum 8 on each platter unless otherwise noted. Sandwich platters include Chips.

The Bethesda Sandwich
Standard Sandwich Platter
The 4922 Sandwich platter
Heckman's Variety Sandwich
Premium Sandwich Platter
Meat Tray
Satay Platter - Small
Satay Platter - Medium
Satay Platter - Large
Quesadilla Platter - Small
Quesadilla Platter - Medium
Quesadilla Platter - Large
Chicken Tender Platter - Small
Chicken Tender platter - Medium
Chicken Tender Platter - Large
Chicken Wing Platter - Small
Chicken Wing Platter - Medium
Chicken Wing Platter - Large
Nova Platter

Box Lunches

Assorted Box Lunches
Salad Box

Hot Entrees

Hot Entrees include choice of two sides: Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Seasonal Vegetables, Onion Rings or French Fries. Choice of House or Caesar salad and includes Cookie tray. Minimum of 10 guest.

Crispy Chicken for 5-7 guest
Crispy Chicken for 10-12 guest
Grilled Chicken for 5-7 guest
Grilled Chicken 10-12 guest

Salad Bowls

Side portion size. (NOT Entree sizes). Small bowl serves approximately 8-10 guest and large serves approximately 18-20 guest.

Build your Own Salad - Small
Build your Own Salad - Large
House Salad - Small
House Salad - Large
Caesar Salad - Small
Caesar Salad - Large
Greek Salad - Small
Greek Salad - Large
Chef Salad - Small
Chef Salad - Large


Potato Chips
Bagel Chips
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad

Appetizer Trays

Small Trays serve approximately 5 guest, Medium Trays serve approximately 10 guest,and Large Trays serves approximately 20 guest.

Shrimp Cocktail
Bruschetta Crostini Platter
Crab Balls
Chips, Salsa & Queso
Veggie Tray - Small
Veggie Tray - Medium
Veggie Tray - Large
Cheese Sticks - Small
Cheese Sticks - Medium
Cheese Sticks - Large
Pigs in a Blanket - Small
Pigs in a Blanket - Medium
Pigs in a Blanket - Large
Mini Sliders - Small
Mini Sliders - Medium
Mini Sliders - Large


Minimum 10.

Cookie & Brownie Tray
Dessert Tray


Served chilled.

Assorted 12oz soda's
Regular Coffee
Decaf Coffee
Hot Tea
Decaf Hot Tea
Orange Juice

Paper Products and Equipment