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About California Tortilla
Everything is made fresh with spices that give our food its unique delicious flavor, with no fat! We use only the leanest meats and only grilled chicken breast. Treat the office with Burritos, Tacos, Fajitas, Salads and more!
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Setups & Equipment

Disposable Setups
Disposable Chafing Set

Fast Packs

Like our "Express" service, have your meal delivered, same day with 2-3 hour's notice. If you need a Fajita or Taco bar for 15, please see below. Includes the option to add a half cookie or brownie and beverages. Free bottle of hot sauce included with Fajita Bar orders of 20 or more.

Taco Bar Package with Beverages 
Fajita Bar Package with Beverages 

Burrito Party

Assorted burritos which may include: Honey Lime, Crunchy BBQ Chicken Ranch, Blackened Chicken Caesar, Fajita, No-Meato, Mesquite Chicken, Carnitas Verde, California Screamin', Pork Carnitas, Bacon Chicken Club, Grilled Steak, Taco Beef, and Veggie. One for each guest. Includes tossed Mexican salad with honey lime dressing along with fresh salsa and chips. If you would like specific burrito's, please specify in special instructions below. Option to add desserts and beverages.

"Assorted" Burrito Party 
"No-meato" Burrito - Individual

Taco & Fajita Bars

Choice of grilled mesquite chicken, lean ground beef or both. Includes shredded cheese, fresh salsa, and lettuce. Two tacos/fajitas per guest. Includes Mexican rice, black beans, fresh salsa, and chips. Option to add desserts and beverages. Includes plates, napkins, and utensils. Please note: Free bottle of hot sauce included with Fajita Bar orders of 20 or more.

Taco Bar 
Fajita Bar 

Box Lunches

All box lunches include Chips, salsa and choice of Cookie or Brownie.

Crunchy BBQ Ranch Burrito Box
Korean BBQ Burrito Box
Blackened Chicken Caesar Burrito Box
No-Meato Burrito Box ~ Vegan
Honey Lime Burrito Box
Chicken Fajita Burrito Box
Steak Fajita Burrito Box
Carnitas Verde Burrito Box
California Screamin’ Burrito Box
Classic Burrito Box
Blackened Fish Taco Box
Carnitas Taco Box
Screamin’ Taco Box
California Sunset Taco Box
Korean BBQ Taco Box
Classic Taco Box

Big Fresh Salads

Entrée sized salads, served in individual containers. Crisp, fresh greens, complemented with tasty add-ons and your selection of savory toppings. Salad dressing choices: Our Signature Honey Lime, Creamy Caesar, Spicy Sunset Sauce, Buttermilk Ranch, Lite Olive Oil Vinaigrette, or Fresh salsa. Dressings served on the side.

Southwestern Salad ~ Half Pan


Southwestern Salad
Guacamole - Quart
Queso - Quart
Sour Cream - Quart
Fresh Salsa - Quart


Minimum quantity 5 per dessert item. Priced per guest.

Assorted Cookies


All beverages served chilled.