Bronx Deli

247 S Telegraph Rd
Pontiac MI 48341

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About Bronx Deli
At The Bronx Deli, we only serve original, home cooked recipes, mastered over generations. Our corned beef alone has been hailed the best by food and restaurant critics from across the country. New Yorkers are saying 'it tastes just like home!'
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Setups / Utensils

Setups/Utensils - Per Person

Catering Trays

Gluten-free bread is available upon request.

Deli Tray - Build Your Own
Sandwich Tray
Mini Sandwich (2 oz. meat) - Each
Mini Sandwich (3 oz. meat) - Each
Fruit Tray
Cheese & Cracker Tray

World Famous Sandwiches-Large

Served with a new Topor's pickle wedge. Old pickle and Gluten-free Bread are available upon request.

Corned Beef On Rye - Large
Big Mouth Corned Beef - Large
Duane's Corned Beef - Large
Big Mouth Pastrami - Large
Pastrami Supreme - Large
Ginsberg Bomber - Large
Bronx Reuben - Large
Dinty Moore Triple - Large
Roast Beef -n- Swiss -Large
Turkey -n- Swiss - Large
Big Mouth Turkey - Large
Big Mouth Turkey Pastrami - Large
English Turkey - Large
Ham -n-Swiss - Large
Club - Large
BLT - Large
Salami -n- Cheese - Large
Bob's Beef Brisket - Large
Hectors Spicy Chicken - Large
Carrie's Double Beef - Large

World Famous Sandwiches-Small

Served with a new Topor's pickle wedge. Old pickle and Gluten-free Bread upon request.

Corned Beef On Rye - Small
Big Mouth Corned Beef - Small
Duane's Corned Beef - Small
Big Mouth Pastrami
Pastrami Supreme - Small
Ginsberg Bomber - Small
Bronx Reuben - Small
Dinty Moore Triple - Small
Roast Beef -n- Swiss - Small
Turkey -n- Swiss - Small
Big Mouth Turkey - Small
Big Mouth Turkey Pastrami - Small
Ham -n- Swiss - Small
English Turkey - Small
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Egg Salad Sandwich
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Tunan Salad Melt
Egg Salad Melt
Chicken Salad Melt
Club - Small
BLT - Small
Lenny's Veggie - Small
Salami -n- Cheese - Small
Italian Bronx Sub - Regular
Veggie Reuben
Bob's Beef Brisket - Small
Hectors Spicy Chicken - Small
Carrie's Double Beef -Small

Grilled Paninis

Patty's Turkey
Slim Russ Panini
Chicken Breast -n- Cheese Panini
Pestorella Panini
The Stinking Italian Panini

Salad Trays

Chicken Caesar Salad - Small
Chicken Caesar Salad - Large
Asian Salad - Small
Asian Salad - Large
Greek Salad - Small
Greek Salad - Large
Bronx Backyard Salad - Small
Bronx Backyard Salad - Large
Raspberry Walnut Salad - Small
Raspberry Walnut Salad - Large
Cobb Salad - Small
Cobb Salad - Large
Maurice Salad - Small
Maurice Salad - Large
Santa Fe Salad - Small
Santa Fe Salad - Large
Fruit Salad - Small
Fruit Salad - Large

Individual Salads

Add extra meat or chicken for additional $2.59, extra cheese for $1.49. Extra dressing is $.49. Available dressings: Russian, Hidden Valley Ranch, Marc's Italian, Raspberry, Greek, Southwestern, Caesar, Maurice, Asian, Italian, Bleu cheese and Balsamic.

Asian Salad
Greek Salad
Santa Fe Salad
Cobb Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad
Raspberry & Walnut
Maurice Salad
Bronx Backyard Salad
Tossed Salad
Bronx Cold Plate

Deli Side Salads

Cole Slaw - 80 oz.
Cole Slaw - 160 oz.
Red Skin Potato Salad - 80 oz.
Red Skin Potato Salad - 160 oz.
Macaroni Salad - 80 oz.
Macaroni Salad - 160 oz.
Cole Slaw - 32 oz.
Red Skin Potato Salad - 32 oz.
Macaroni Salad - 32 oz.


Bettermade Chips


Cookie Tray
Brownie Tray
7 Layer Cake - Whole
Carrot Cake Bites
Fruit Tray


Dr. Brown's Soda - Can