Bruegger's Bagels

4625 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach VA 23462

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About Bruegger's Bagels
Bring something good to the table! Bruegger's offers a great selection of bagels, muffins, coffee, sandwiches, salads, desserts and beverages for any meeting or event. They are a place where authentic bagel tradition is taken seriously and using the same time-honored methods of New York bagel bakeries is a must. Their bakers fire up the stone-hearth ovens, baking small batches all day to ensure a fresh bagel is always available to you.
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Breakfast Day Starters

Start your day with Bruegger's fresh authentic bagels or freshly baked muffins. You and your group will taste the simple goodness of our simple goodness of our time-honored recipes with each and every bite.

Bagels and Cream Cheese Box~Small
Bagels and Cream Cheese Box~Large
Bagels and Muffins Box~Small
Bagels and Muffins Box~Large
Muffin Assortment~Small
Muffin Assortment~Large
Continental Breakfast ~Small~
Continental Breakfast ~Large~
Smoked Salmon Platter
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Bowl

Breakfast Sandwiches

These breakfast sandwiches are available all day! You can't put a time limit on great taste. We offer a dozen varieties of delicious sandwiches - no matter when you order.

Bagel Breakfast Box
Muffin Breakfast Box
Egg Sandwich Breakfast ~ Small
Egg Sandwich Breakfast ~ Large
Egg Sandwich Box ~ Small
Egg Sandwich Box ~ Large

Lunch for the Group!

Our all inclusive lunches include an assortment of your choice of bagel or premium sandwiches, salad, chips, cookies and your choice of tea or lemonade.

Group Bagel Sandwich Box Meal~Small
Group Bagel Sandwich Box Meal ~Large
Group Pemium Sandwich Box Meal~Small
Group Premium Sandwich Box Meal ~Large

Group Sandwich Box Assortments

Our Group Boxes include your choice of bagel or premium sandwiches and are served with chips. The sandwiches will be packaged in one large box.

Group Sandwich Box~Small
Group Premium Sandwich Box~Large
Group Bagel Premium Sandwich Box~Small
Group Bagel Sandwich Box~Small

Salad for the Group (Serves 6)

A great addition to our Group Sandwich assortment. Our side salad portions serve approximately six guests.

Blue Apple Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad
Classic Caesar Salad
Garden Salad

Individual Boxed Lunches

Each of our Sandwich Box lunches comes with a whole premium sandwich or bagel sandwich, your choice of chips or fruit and a freshly baked cookie.

Herby Turkey Bagel Box
Leonardo da Veggie Bagel Box
Ham and Swiss Bagel Box
Turkey and Cheddar Bagel Box
Garden Veggie and Hummus Bagel Box
Taragon Chicken Salad Sandwich Box
Tuscan Veggie Sandwich Box
Turkey and Ham Sandwich Box
Turkey Chipotle Club Sandwich Box

Salad Box Lunch

Each of our Salad Box lunches comes with a fresh salad, your choice of chips or fruit and a freshly baked cookie.

Blue Apple Salad Box
Chicken Caesar Salad Box
Classic Caesar Salad Box
Garden Salad Box

Soup for the Group!

A great addition to our Group Sandwich assortment or Side Salads! Our soups are packaged in individual cups.

Chicken Spaetzle Soup


Bruegger Bites Snack Platter~Sweet
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter~Savory
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Bowl


Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies~24
Chocolate Chunk Cookies~12
Small Brownie Box~6
Large Brownie Box~12
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter~Sweet
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter~Savory


Coffee ~ Regular
Coffee ~ Decaf
Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
Bottled Water


Setups are provided free of charge, please let us know how many guests you are serving.