Cottage Inn Pizza

1141 Broadway St
Ann Arbor MI 48105

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Gourmet Pizza.
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Setups / Utensils

Setups (plate, napkin, plasticware)

Party Tray Pizza

32 slices per tray.
Toppings:Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Italian Sausage, Turkey, Beef, Salami, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Feta Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Mushrooms, Red Onions, Green Peppers, Green Olives, Black Olives, Fresh Tomatoes, Broccoli, Hot Pepper Rings, Spinach, Minced Garlic, Sweet Red Peppers, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Artichokes, Jalapeņo Peppers, Pineapples, Pulled Pork, Steak, Grilled Chicken, Breaded Chicken, Meatballs, Anchovies.

Party Tray Pizza ~32 Slices

Party Tray - Specialty Pizzas

Deluxe Pizza - Party Tray
All Meat Pizza - Party Tray
BBQ Chicken - Party Tray
Chicken Parmesan - Party Tray
Traditional Veg - Party Tray
The Favorite - Party Tray
Spicy Mediterranean - Party Tray
Pesto Primavera - Party Tray
Teriyaki Chicken - Party Tray
Greek Pizza - Party Tray
Spinach Supreme - Party Tray
Chicken Cordon Bleu - Party Tray
Hawaiian Pizza - Party Tray
BLT Pizza - Party Tray
Chicken Artichoke Pizza - Party Tray
Garlic Chicken - Party Tray
Chicken Mediterranean - Party Tray
Spicy Italian - Party Tray
Motor City Meatball - Party Tray
Coastal Vegetarian - Party Tray
Philly Steak Supreme - Party Tray
Chicken Alfredo Pizza - Party Tray
Spinach Alfredo - Party Tray
Bacon Cheddar Burger - Party
Buffalo Chicken Bleu - Party Tray
Pricebuster - Party Tray


Toppings: Anchovies, Artichokes, Bacon, Black Olives, Broccoli, Cheddar Cheese, Feta Cheese, Fresh tomato, Green Olives, Green Peppers, Ground Beef Ham, Hot Pepper Rings, Italian Sausage, Jalapeno Pepers, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Pineapple, Red Onions, Salami, Cheese, Spinach, Sun Dried Tomato, Sweet Red Peppers, Grilled Chicken (additional), Meatballs (additional), Steak (additional)

Extra Large Pizza
Large Pizza
Medium Pizza
Small Pizza
The Nino Pizza

Gourmet Specialty Pizzas

ROUND available in Small (6 slices), Medium (8 slices), Large (8 slices) and X Large (12 slices)
THIN CRUST available in Medium (16 slices) and Large (20 slices)
DEEP DISH available in Medium (6 squares), Large (8 squares), or X-Large (12 squares)

Greek Pizza - Small
Greek Pizza - Medium
Greek Pizza - Large
Greek Pizza - X Large
Spinach Supreme Pizza - Small
Spinach Supreme Pizza - Medium
Spinach Supreme Pizza - Large
Spinach Supreme Pizza - X Large
Motor City Meatball Pizza - Small
Motor City Meatball Pizza - Medium
Motor City Meatball Pizza - Large
Motor City Meatball Pizza - X Large
The Favorite - Small Pizza
The Favorite - Medium Pizza
The Favorite - Large Pizza
The Favorite - X Large Pizza
Deluxe Pizza - Small
Deluxe Pizza - Medium
Deluxe Pizza - Large
Deluxe Pizza - X Large
All Meat Pizza - Small
All Meat Pizza - Medium
All Meat Pizza - Large
All Meat Pizza - X Large
BLT Pizza - Small
BLT Pizza - Medium
BLT Pizza - Large
BLT Pizza - X Large
Chicken Artichoke - Small
Chicken Artichoke - Medium
Chicken Artichoke - Large
Chicken Artichoke - X Large
Spicy Italian Pizza - Small
Spicy Italian Pizza - Medium
Spicy Italian Pizza - Large
Spicy Italian Pizza - X Large
Pricebuster Pizza - Small
Pricebuster Pizza - Medium
Pricebuster Pizza - Large
Pricebuster Pizza - X Large
Hawaiian Pizza - Small
Hawaiian Pizza - Medium
Hawaiian Pizza - Large
Hawaiian Pizza - X Large
Pesto Primavera Pizza - Small
Pesto Primavera Pizza - Medium
Pesto Primavera Pizza - Large
Pesto Primavera Pizza - X Large
Chicken Parmesan Pizza - Small
Chicken Parmesan Pizza - Medium
Chicken Parmesan Pizza - Large
Chicken Parmesan Pizza - X Large
Spicy Mediterranean Pizza - Small
Spicy Mediterranean Pizza - Medium
Spicy Mediterranean Pizza - Large
Spicy Mediterranean Pizza - X Large
Chicken Mediterranean Pizza - Small
Chicken Mediterranean Pizza - Medium
Chicken Mediterranean Pizza - Large
Chicken Mediterranean Pizza - X Large
Kickin' Chicken Pizza - Small
Kickin' Chicken Pizza - Medium
Kickin' Chicken Pizza - Large
Kickin' Chicken Pizza - XLarge
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Small
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Medium
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Large
BBQ Chicken Pizza - X Large
Traditional Vegetarian - Small
Traditional Veg - Medium
Traditional Vegetarian - Large
Traditional Vegetarian - X Large
Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza - Medium
Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza - Small
Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza - Large
Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza - X Large
Chicken Alfredo Pizza - Small
Chicken Alfredo Pizza - Medium
Chicken Alfredo Pizza - Large
Chicken Alfredo Pizza - X Large
Spinach Alfredo Pizza - Small
Spinach Alfredo Pizza - Medium
Spinach Alfredo Pizza - Large
Spinach Alfredo Pizza - X Large
Spicy Polynesian Pizza - Small
Spicy Polynesian Pizza - Medium
Spicy Polynesian Pizza - Large
Spicy Polynesian Pizza - X Large
Philly Steak Supreme Pizza - Small
Philly Steak Supreme Pizza - Medium
Philly Steak Supreme Pizza - Large
Philly Steak Supreme Pizza - X Large
Hot & Tangy Pizza - Small
Hot & Tangy Pizza - Medium
Hot & Tangy Pizza - Large
Hot & Tangy Pizza - X Large
Flavorful Veg Pizza - Small
Flavorful Veg Pizza - Medium
Flavorful Veg Pizza - Large
Flavorful Veg Pizza - X Large
Garden Veg Pizza - Small
Garden Veg Pizza - Medium
Garden Veg Pizza - Large
Garden Veg Pizza - X Large


Meat Lasagna
Vegetable Lasagna
Lasagna Dinner

Salads - Catering

Small Party Tray serves approximately 10-15. Large Party Tray serves approximately 20-30. Dressing choices: Blue Cheese, Italian, Ranch, Caesar, Thousand Island, French, Greek, Fat Free Italian or Fat Free Ranch.

Antipasto Salad - Small Party
Antipasto Salad - Large Party
Greek Salad - Small Party
Greek Salad - Large Party
Caesar Salad - Small Party
Caesar Salad - Large Party
Chicken Caesar - Small Party
Chicken Caesar - Large Party
Tossed Salad - Small Party
Tossed Salad - Large Party
Grilled Chicken Salad - Large Party
Grilled Chicken Salad - Small Party
Cranberry Walnut Salad - Small Party
Cranberry Walnut Salad - Large Party

Inn Wings

Choose from Plain, BBQ, Teriyaki, Bourbon, Chipolte, Spicy Garlic, Buffalo or Kickin'. Add Dipping Sauce(s) for $.75 per serving.

Boneless Wings - 8 piece
Boneless Wings - 14 piece
Boneless Wings - 50 piece
Boneless Wings - 100 pieces
Chicken Wings - 8 piece
Chicken Wings - 14 piece
Chicken Wings - 50 piece
Chicken Wings - 100 pieces
Ranch Dipping Sauce
Bleu Cheese Dipping Sauce
Garlic Parmesan Dipping Sauce

Salads - Individual

Small Salad serves 1 on the side. Large Salad serves 1 as an Entree or 2 on the side. Family Salad serves 3-4 on the side.
Dressings choices: Blue Cheese, Italian, Ranch, Caesar, Thousand Island, French, Greek, Fat Free Italian or Fat Free Ranch.

Caesar Salad - Small
Caesar Salad - Large
Caesar Salad - Family
Tossed Salad - Small
Tossed Salad - Large
Tossed Salad - Family
Chicken Caesar Salad - Small
Chicken Caesar Salad - Large
Chicken Caesar Salad - Family
Antipasto Salad - Small
Antipasto Salad - Large
Antipasto Salad - Family
Greek Salad - Small
Greek Salad - Family
Greek Salad - Large
Grilled Chicken Salad - Small
Grilled Chicken Salad - Large
Grilled Chicken Salad - Family
Cranberry Walnut Salad - Small
Cranberry Walnut Salad - Large
Cranberry Walnut Salad - Family


Fresh breadsticks with olive oil, herbs, a hint of parmesan cheese, garlic and our special blend of 3 cheeses. Served with our own special pizza sauce.

Cottage Inn Stix - 8 piece
Cottage Inn Stix - 16 piece
Cottage Inn Stix - 32 piece
Cottage Inn Stix - 64 piece
Garlic Cheese Bread - 24 piece
Extra Garlic Cream Cheese Sauce
Ranch Dipping Sauce
Pizza Dipping Sauce - per serving
Gluten Free Garlic Cheese Bread

Pita Sandwich

Chicken Pita Sandwich

Oven Fresh Calzones

Small Calzone
Large Calzone


Cottage Inn Club Sub - 6"
Cottage Inn Club Sub - 12"
Pizza Sub - 6"
Pizza Sub - 12"
Motor City Meatball Sub - 6"
Motor City Meatball Sub - 12"
Pulled Pork Sub - 6"
Pulled Pork BBQ Sub - 12"
Philly Steak Sub - 6"
Philly Steak Sub - 12"
Ham & Cheese Sub - 6"
Ham & Cheese Sub - 12"
Italian Sub - 6"
Italian Sub - 12"
BLT Sub - 6"
BLT Sub - 12"
Turkey & Cheese Sub - 6"
Turkey & Cheese Sub - 12"
Chicken Parmesan Sub - 6"
Chicken Parmesan Sub - 12"
Veggie Sub - 6"
Veggie Sub - 12"
BBQ Chicken Sub - 6"
BBQ Chicken Sub -12"
Chicken Club Sub - 6"
Chicken Club Sub - 12"
Gluten Free Italian Sandwich
Gluten Free Ham & Cheese
Gluten Free Turkey & Cheese
Gluten Free Veggie Sandwich



Apple Pie-zza
Cinnamon Stix - 12 piece
Cinnamon Stix - 24 piece


2 Liter Soft Drinks
20 oz. Bottled Soda