Earl of Sandwich

1290 Ave Of The Americas
New York NY 10104

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About Earl of Sandwich
Owned and run by the 11th Earl of Sandwich. We offer hot sandwiches, salads, wraps, desserts, soups and breakfast! Please note that Earl of Sandwich utilizes national third-party delivery for its meals and the minimum fee is $30 at this time.
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Breakfast Sandwich Box - Assortment for 10
Continental Breakfast Box
Deluxe Breakfast Box
Fruit Bowl

Sandwiches By The Box

Traditional Wrap Box - Assorted
Traditional Sandwich Box - Assorted
Deluxe Sandwich Box - Assorted
Deluxe Wrap Box - Assorted

Hot Sandwiches Boxes

Boxed Lunch - Assorted
The Earl's Club - Boxed Lunch
The Original 1762 - Boxed Lunch
Chipotle Chicken Avocado - Boxed Lunch
Tuna Melt - Boxed Lunch
The Full Montagu - Boxed Lunch
Caprese - Boxed Lunch
Holiday Turkey - Boxed Lunch
Italian - Boxed Lunch
Veggie - Boxed Lunch
Ham 'N' Swiss - Boxed Lunch
Cannnoonballs! - Boxed Lunch
Cuban - Boxed Lunch

Hot Wrap Boxes

Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Boxed Lunch
Chicken Bacon Avocado Wrap - Boxed Lunch
Chicken Caesar Wrap - Boxed Lunch


The Earl's Cobb Salad Bowl
Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl
Greek Salad Bowl
Caesar Salad Bowl
House Salad Bowl

Artisan Soups

Tomato Soup Bowl
Broccoli & Cheddar Soup Bowl
Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl


Fruit Bowl
Potato Salad ~ Quart
Potato Chips


Dessert Box


Earl Grey Lemonade ~ Gallon
Sweet Tea ~ Gallon
Unsweet Tea ~ Gallon


Canned Sodas Assortment
Bottled Beverages - Assortment