Ike's Restaurant

38550 Van Dyke Ave
Sterling Heights MI 48312

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About Ike's Restaurant
Ike, the 'hands on' proprietor of this family-owned business, has taken pride in serving authentic and traditional Lebanese dishes, as well as American, Greek and Italian dishes since 1991!
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Setups / Utensils

Setups / Utensils - No Charge
Server - 3 Hour Time Frame


Breakfast available 8-10 a.m.

Continental Breakfast - Per Person
Traditional Breakfast - Per Person

Boxed Lunches To Go - Special

Special Offer for Employee Appreciation Day.

Chicken Picatta Boxed Lunch
Chicken Marsala Boxed Lunch
Roast Beef Boxed Lunch
Vegetarian Falafel Boxed Lunch

Office Meal Packages

Minimum 10 people.

Chicken Kabob Package
Chicken Shawarma Package
Kafta Kabob Package
Grape Leaves Package
Baked Kibbeh Package
Kibbeh Balls Package
Chicken Kabob & Grape Leaves Package
Pita Sandwiches Package
Deli Sandwiches Package
Greek Salad with Chicken Package
Fattoush Salad with Chicken

Off-site Catering Packages

** PLEASE NOTE: THESE ITEMS MUST BE ORDERED THE DAY PRIOR BY 5 P.M.! ** Entree Choices: Roast Beef with Au Jus, Roasted Chicken, Honey Baked Ham, Kielbasa w/Sauerkraut, Chicken Marsala, Boneless Pork Chops with lemon herb sauce, Spicy Fish, Chicken Kabob, Baked Kafta, Grape Leaves, Kibbeh Balls, Baked Kibbeh, London Broil with mushrooms & wine, Roasted Turkey over Stuffing, Italian Sausages, Chicken Picatta, Chicken Divan, White Fish Au Gratin, Lemon Garlic Chicken Breast, Stuffed Lamb, Chicken Shawarma,, Lamb Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Green Bean & Lamb, and Stuffed Squash. Also includes choice of salad, pasta, potato and vegetable served with bread & butter.

Catering Package - Choice of 1 Entree
Catering Package - Choice of 2 Entrees
Catering Package - Choice of 3 Entrees


Hummus Tray ~ Small
Hummus Tray ~ Medium
Hummus Tray ~ Large
Baba Ghanouge Tray ~ Small
Baba Ghanouge Tray ~ Medium
Baba Ghanouge Tray ~ Large
Labneh with Garlic Tray ~ Small
Labneh with Garlic Tray ~ Medium
Labneh with Garlic Tray ~ Large
Tabbouleh Salad Tray ~ Small
Tabbouleh Salad Tray ~ Medium
Tabbouleh Salad Tray ~ Large
Fattoush Salad Tray ~ Small
Fattoush Salad Tray ~ Medium
Fattoush Salad Tray ~ Large
Lebanese Salad Tray ~ Small
Lebanese Salad Tray ~ Medium
Lebanese Salad Tray ~ Large
Garden Salad Tray ~ Small
Garden Salad Tray ~ Medium
Garden Salad Tray ~ Large
Greek Salad Tray ~ Small
Greek Salad Tray ~ Large
Vegetarian Moussaka - 21" Tray
Hot Vegetables - 21" Tray

Skewers & Items by the Dozen

Falafil Patties - Dozen
Lebanese Pies - Dozen


Assorted Dessert Tray - Per Person


Assorted Two-Liter Sodas
Assorted Sodas ~ Individual
Coke ~ Individual
Diet Coke ~ Individual
Sprite ~ Individual