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9446 E Colonial Dr
Orlando FL 32817

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About Marita's Latin Bites
Marita's Latin Bites features quality Mexican and Latin scratch cooking for your event. We pride ourselves in customizing our menu for our customers and give uncompromising professional service with great tasting food. It's your event, after all! Our job is to make it more enjoyable to you and your guests. Please note delivery charges vary by mileage, not to exceed $50. Minimums not to exceed $275.
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These specials includes entree, two side dishes, drinks and dessert!

Pollo A La Plancha $13.95 Special 
Pollo Havana $13.95 Special

Featured Menu Items

Marita's Bowl 
Build Your Bowl 


All dips come with fresh chips.

Fresh Salsa & Chips
Queso Dip & Chips - 32 oz. 
Queso Dip & Chips - 16 oz.
Guacamole Dip & Chips - 32 oz. 
Guacamole Dip & Chips - 16 oz. 


Avocado-Bacon Eggrolls 
Pizza Empanadas - Veggie 
Rolled Taquitos ~ Dozen 
Fruit Tray


Two Entree Fiesta 
Two Entree Fiesta - Churrasco & Shrimp Havana
Two Entree Fiesta - Chicken & Shrimp Havana
Pollo Havana
Pollo A La Plancha 
Lechon Asado (48 hours notice) 
Grilled Salmon Fillet
Shrimp Havana

Mexican Bars

Please note minimum quantity is 10.

Chicken Fajita Bar
Chicken (75%) & Skirt Steak (25%) Fajita Bar 
Steak (50%) & Shrimp (50%) Fajita Bar
Ultimate Fajita Bar - 25% Steak (or Pork) & 75% Chicken 
Ultimate Fajita Bar - 50% Steak & 50% Shrimp

Salad and Sides

Avocado - Tomato Salad 
Garden Salad 
Yellow Rice with Black Beans
Cilantro Rice with Black Beans
Sweet Plantains
Yellow Rice
Seasoned Sauteed Vegetables


Sopapillas & Churros - Small Tray 
Sopapillas & Churros - Large Tray 
Triple Chocolate Brownies
Oreo Stuffed Brownie


Assorted Canned Sodas
Assorted Canned & Bottled Beverages