Moe's Southwest Grill

4192 Conroy Rd
Orlando FL 32839

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About Moe's Southwest Grill
See our $25 Moe Money offers! Welcome to Moe's Millenia now under new ownership. Featuring a healthy twist on traditional Southwest fare - ''Fresh Mex'' - Fajita Bars, Taco Bars and our HUGE Burritos! No animal fat, no lard.
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Same price no matter the size of your order.

Disposable Chafing Setups



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Fajita Bar

Just fill in the number of attendees for the ordering quantity and let us handle it. Trust our catering experience to build a fajita bar everyone will love..

Fajita Bar ~ Deluxe

Salad Bar

Salad Bar

Taco Bar

Minimum of 10 required. Moe's taco bar can meet tighter per person budgets. Please note, the meat portions are half the portions included on our fajita bar. For large appetites, please consider ordering a larger person quantity or the fajita bar. We are always available to consult and answer questions if you are unsure - Please call customer care for help.

Traditional Taco Bar
Extra Chicken ~ Pound
Extra Tofu ~ Pound
Extra Steak ~ Pound

Box Of Burritos

Burrito boxed lunches include plates, napkins, and cutlery. Your burrito box lunch includes chips w/ salsa and a cookie! please note - Currently meals are delivered in bags, not boxes.

Burrito - Original
Burrito - Mini
Burrito Box Meal - Steak
Burrito Box Meal - Ground Beef
Burrito Box Meal - Chicken
Burrito Box Meal - Tofu


Please note - Chips not included - However chips are included w/ all of our main course menu items.

Queso - Individual
Guacamole - Individual


Cookies are approximately 4 ounces.


Bottled Water
Sweetened Iced Tea ~ Gallon
Unsweetened Iced Tea ~ Gallon
Lemonade ~ Gallon