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About Chopt Creative Salad Co
Our mission? To make healthy eating exciting for all people. From classic cravings to seasonal collaborations, we challenge ourselves to create a menu that celebrates flavors from around the world and opens up a seat at the table for anyone who wants to join. Chopt charges a $35 delivery fee unless the Food & Beverage total is more than $350, then the delivery fee changes to 10% of the Food & Beverage amount.
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Large Salads

Large version of our popular salads with our housemade dressing. It comes served with artisanal bread and is big enough for 10 people. Add your choice of protein for some extra flavor. Includes plates, napkins and eating utensils.

Kale Caesar Salad
Sweet Apple Orchard Salad
Santa Fe Salad
Mexican Caesar Salad
The Chopt Greek Salad
Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad

Wraps & Chip Trays

Chopt salads, turned wraps - fresh ingredients in a grilled, whole-wheat tortilla and a variety of Miss Vickie's chips. Select a minimum of 10. Includes plates, napkins and eating utensils.

Kale Caesar Wrap & Chips Tray
Kale Caesar Wrap with Chicken & Chips Tray
Santa Fe Wrap & Chips Tray
Santa Fe Wrap with Chicken & Chips Tray
The Chopt Greek Wrap & Chips Tray
The Chopt Greek Wrap with Chicken & Chips Tray
Sweet Apple Orchard Wrap & Chips Tray
Mexican Caesar Wrap & Chips Tray
Mexican Caesar Wrap with Chicken & Chips Tray
Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap & Chips Tray

Packaged Meals

Our Packaged Meals range from individually packaged salads or wraps, to all-in-one assortments of salads, wraps, and combos. Effortlessly feed groups of any size with this easy way to order catering! Elevate your meals by adding extras, like our Cookies and Brownies, to please the crowd. Includes napkins and eating utensils.

Salad & Wrap Package
The Classic Salads for 15
The Classic Salads for 20
The Classic Salads for 25
The Classic Wraps for 15
The Classic Wraps for 20
The Classic Wraps for 25
The Caesar Salads for 15
The Caesar Salads for 20
The Caesar Salads for 25
The Caesar Wraps for 15
The Caesar Wraps for 20
The Caesar Wraps for 25
The Veggie Salads for 15
The Veggie Salads for 20
The Veggie Salads for 25
The Veggie Wraps for 15
The Veggie Wraps for 20
The Veggie Wraps for 25

Craft Your Own Salad Bar

Choose between our chef-curated themes to build your own Salad Bar featuring your favorite choppings, goods and dressings. Greens, choppings, cheese, grains, and beans are Gluten Free. Please let us know if you have any dietary questions. Serves up to 20. Includes plates, napkins and eating utensils.

Classic Salad Bar
Southwest Salad Bar
Mediterranean Salad Bar
Rainbow Crunch Salad Bar
Rustic Salad Bar

Additional Goods

Grilled Chicken
Panko Fried Chicken
All-natural Smoked Bacon

Additional Choppings

Roasted Almonds
Seasonal Apples
Purple Beets
Black Beans
Blue Cheese
Roasted Broccoli
Cotija Cheese
Artisan Croutons
English Cucumber
Dried Cranberries
Hearts of Palm
Jalapeno Peppers
Mama Lils Spicy Peppers
SIMPLi Olives
Aged Parmesan
Parmesan Crisps
Pepper Jack Cheese
Pickled Red Onion
Pita Chips
Fresh Radish
Roasted Sweet Potato
Grape Tomatoes
Tortilla Chips
Crispy Wontons
Crispy Shallots

Additional Dressing

Balsamic Vinaigrette ~ 12 oz Bottle
Buttermilk Ranch ~ 12 oz Bottle
Chopt Vinaigrette ~ 12 oz Bottle
Creamy Caesar ~ 12 oz Bottle
Greek Yogurt Tzatziki ~ 12 oz Bottle
Honey Dijon ~ 12 oz Bottle
Lemon Tahini ~ 12 oz Bottle
Mexican Caesar ~ 12 oz Bottle
Mexican Goddess ~ 12 oz Bottle
Red Chile Ranch ~ 12 oz Bottle
Sesame Ginger ~ 12 oz Bottle
Steakhouse Blue Cheese ~ 12 oz Bottle
Sweet & Smokey Chipotle Vinaigrette ~ 12 oz Bottle
White Balsamic Vinaigrette ~ 12 oz Bottle


Miss Vickie's Assorted Chips ~ 10 Bags


Cookie & Brownie Plate
Chocolate Chip Cookies for Five
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for Five
Chocolate Brownies for Five
Sea Salt Caramels ~ 20 Pieces


Proud Source Still Water for Five
Proud Source Sparkling Water for Five
Coke for Five
Diet Coke for Five
San Pellegrino - Aranciata Rossa for Five
Spindrift Sparkling Water - Raspberry Lime for Five
Spindrift Sparkling Water - Grapefruit for Five