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About Roots Natural Kitchen
At Roots, taste comes first. We believe people should feel good about what they’re eating. Eating naturally and eating great should be one and the same, which is why our salads and grain bowls are natural, filling, and nutritious. They're a great way to fuel any group!
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The Spread

Create a buffet-style Roots line at your event! Each Spread offers a selection of bases, ingredients, dressing and grilled items. Individuals build their own bowls -- making this a crowd-pleaser that works for any diet. Includes bowls, napkins, and utensils.

The Classic Spread
The Works Spread
The Supreme Spread

Individual Grain Bowls

Includes napkins and utensils.

El Jefe ~ Individual
The Southern Bowl ~ Individual
The Balboa Bowl ~ Individual
The Apollo Bowl ~ Individual

Individual Salad Bowls

Great for grab-and-go style events.*Please note that Bowls can only be customized due to dietary restrictions.* Includes napkins, and utensils.

Mayweather Salad Bowl ~ Individual
Pesto Caesar Salad Bowl ~ Individual
Corner Cobb Salad Bowl ~ Individual
Yam Jam Salad Bowl ~ Individual

Group Salad and Grain Bowls

Each Mega Bowl serves 5-7. Includes bowls, napkins, and utensils.

El Jefe Bowl ~ Mega
Pesto Caesar Bowl ~ Mega
The Southern Bowl ~ Mega
Mayweather Salad Bowl ~ Mega
The Apollo Bowl ~ Mega
Yam Jam Salad Bowl ~ Mega
Corner Cobb Salad Bowl ~ Mega
The Balboa Bowl ~ Mega


Assorted Brownies


Bottled Water
Sparkling Lemon Water
Assorted Spindrift ~ Individual