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45001 Schoenherr Road
Utica MI 48315

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About Smokey Bones
You crave it, we cater it! We offer Party Packs, Individual Meals, or a La Carte to satisfy all your needs. Our Party Packs serve fan-favorite menu items buffet style, giving everyone a taste of something new. Individual Meals are perfect for smaller groups, from classics like Pulled Pork Sammy Box lunch to tasty vegetarian options. Looking for a certain cut or an extra scoop of your favorite sides? Order from our A La Carte items!
**Smokey Bones may use a third-party delivery service for your order. Setup is at the driver's discretion. Delivery fees start at $30 or 3%, whichever is higher.
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Chaffing Set with Sternos


Corn Bread for 4
Corn Bread for 16
Pretzel Bones
Boneless Wings ~ 24 Count
Boneless Wings ~ 48 Count
Smoked Jumbo Wings ~ 24 Count
Smoked Jumbo Wings ~ 48 Count
Traditional Jumbo Wings ~ 24 Count
Traditional Jumbo Wings ~ 48 Count

Variety Packs

Smokey Sampler Pack
Ribs & Wings Party Pack
Pulled Pack ~ Serves 18 to 20
Meat Master Pack
BBQ Bones Pack
Build Your Own Pack ~ One Meat
Build Your Own Pack ~ Two Meats

Individual Meals

All meals are individually packaged.

Pulled Pork Sammy ~ Individual
Pulled Chicken Sandwich ~ Individual
Grilled Chicken Sandwich ~ Individual
Ultimate BBQ Bowl ~ Individual
Brisket Bowl ~ Individual
Create Your Own Meal ~ One Meat
Create Your Own Meal ~ Two Meats


Assorted Sandwich Platter


Green Garden Salad ~ Half Pan
Green Garden Salad with Chicken ~ Half Pan
Caesar Salad ~ Half Pan
Caesar Salad with Chicken ~ Half Pan

Meat Free Options

Vegetarian Burger Meal
Garden Salad ~ Individual
Caesar Salad ~ Individual
Baker Box with Salad Meal

A La Carte Meats

Whole BBQ Chicken
House Smoked Pulled Pork ~ Pound
Smoked Pulled Chicken ~ Pound
Texas Style Beef Brisket ~ Pound
Imported Ribs ~ Rack
Baby Back Ribs ~ Rack


Fresh Made Creamy Coleslaw ~ Two Quarts
Fresh Made Creamy Coleslaw ~ Four Quarts
Mac & Cheese ~ Two Quarts
Mac & Cheese ~ Four Quarts
Fresh Steamed Broccoli ~ Two Quarts
Fresh Steamed Broccoli ~ Four Quarts


Pan O' Donuts ~ Dozen
Banana Pudding ~ Pan
Brownies ~ Individual
Brownies ~ Dozen
Chocolate Cake ~ Slice
Chocolate Cake ~ Whole Cake
Mixed Berry Cheesecake ~ Slice
Mixed Berry Cheesecake ~ Whole


KC BBQ Sauce ~ 12 oz Bottle
Chipotle BBQ Sauce ~ 12 oz Bottle


Sweet Tea ~ Gallon
Unsweet Tea ~ Gallon
Lemonade ~ Gallon
Assorted Sodas & Water ~ Individual
Bottled Water ~ Individual
Coke ~ 12 oz Can
Diet Coke ~ 12 oz Can
Sprite ~ 12 oz Can