Nan and Pop's Ice Cream Shop

351 N Ronald Raegan Blvd
Longwood FL 32750

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About Nan and Pop's Ice Cream Shop
Welcome to Nan & Pop's Ice Cream Shop, a family-owned business that's been serving up delicious treats to our community for years. We're proud to serve Central Florida and are committed to providing high-quality service with mouthwatering treats that our customers have come to love. Here you will find all kinds of unique creations from our delicious Sundaes to a massive selection of Bubble Waffles.
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Sundae Bar Packages

Sundae Bar with Brownies
Sundae Bar with Cookies

Classic Sundae Bar Packages

All packages incluide your choice of four ice cream flavors, two drizzle toppings, and four dry toppings. Includes bowls, spoons, and napkins. Priced per person.

One Scoop Cup ~ Sundae Bar Package
Two Scoops Cup ~ Sundae Bar Package
Three Scoops Cup ~ Sundae Bar Package