District Rico

1060 Brentwood Rd Ne
Washington DC 20018

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About District Rico
Authentic Peruvian chicken seasoned with a 50 year old family recipe cooked in a rotisserie oven over charcoal. This chicken falls off the bone! Eat is with our wide selection of sides that will satisfy any dietary restriction.
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Sterno Set

Catering Packages

Includes disposable setups of plates, napkins and utensils.

10 People Package
20 People Package
30 People Package
40 People Package
50 People Package
Whole Chicken - No Sides


Includes disposable setups of plates, napkins and utensils.

Chicken Burrito ~ Individual
Veggie Burrito ~ Individual


Includes disposable setups of plates, napkins and utensils.

Caesar Salad ~ Individual
Inca Salad ~ Individual
Mixed Greens Salad ~ Half Pan
Mixed Greens Salad ~ Full Pan

A La Carte Sides

White Rice ~ Half Pan
White Rice ~ Full Pan
Arroz Chaufa ~ Half Pan
Arroz Chaufa ~ Full Pan
Black Beans ~ Half Pan
Black Beans ~ Full Pan
Pasta Salad ~ Half Pan
Pasta Salad ~ Full Pan
Chickpea ~ Half Pan
Chickpea ~ Full Pan
Plantains ~ Half Pan
Plantains ~ Full Pan
Coleslaw ~ Half Pan
Coleslaw ~ Full Pan
Mashed Potatoes ~ Half Pan
Mashed Potatoes ~ Full Pan
Choclo Sweet Corn ~ Half Pan
Choclo Sweet Corn ~ Full Pan
Green Beans ~ Half Pan
Green Beans ~ Full Pan
Aji Mac & Cheese ~ Half Pan
Aji Mac & Cheese ~ Full Pan
Yucca Fries ~ Half Pan
Yucca Fries ~ Full Pan


Tres Leches ~ Individual


Aquafina ~ Individual Bottle
Assorted Pepsi Products
Pepsi ~ Individual Bottle
Diet Pepsi ~ Individual Bottle
Sierra Mist/Starry ~ Individual Bottle
Mountain Dew ~ Individual Bottle