Hawkers Asian Street Food

7117 Bethesda Ln
Bethesda MD 20814

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About Hawkers Asian Street Food
We handpicked the best and most popular street foods from all over Asia and put them into one menu! In fact, most of these recipes have been handed down in the founders' families for generations and are still served on the streets of Asia today. Next day orders should be completed by 2PM.
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Setups included with orders


Party Eats

Our pre-built Party Eats take the guess work out of planning your next gathering, making it easier than ever to feed your whole squad. Pro Tip: For every 10 guests, select one noodle dish, one rice or curry dish and two small plates.

Small Squad
Large Crew
Block Party


Serves 10 guests.

Chicken Lo Mein
Pad Thai
Yaki Udon
Sichuan Dan Dan
Po Po Lo's Curry
Chicken Chow Faan
Basil Fried Rice
Five-Spice Sticky Ribs
Bulgogi Steak
Coconut Shrimp
Hawkers Wings
Korean Twice Fried Wings

Dim Sum & Then Some

Each item serves 10 guests.

Golden Wontons
Sichuan Wontons
Yi-Yi's Chicken Dumplings
Chicken Egg Rolls
Roti Canai
Spring Rolls
Hawker's Delight
Jasmine Rice


Jo'He Bag O' Donuts


Ice and Cups included.

Thai Tea ~ Half Gallon
Lemonade ~ Half Gallon
Blackberry Jasmine Tea ~ Half Gallon
Aqua Panna ~ Bottle
Perrier Sparkling ~ Bottle