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About Let's Eat Fresh
Let's Eat Fresh would love to Cater your next event! We offer Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options.
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Breakfast Packages

Includes setups and utensils. Option to package individually.

Deluxe Breakfast Package
Basic Breakfast Package

Boxed Lunches

Each box includes your choice of sandwich or wrap (with lettuce/tomato/cheese on multigrain bread or in a wrap), mayo, mustard, pickle spear, grapes, chips and dessert (chef's choice of cheesecake bites, blondies, cookies, strawberry glazed brownies).

Assorted ~ Boxed Lunches
Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich ~ Boxed Lunch
Turkey & Cheddar Wrap ~ Boxed Lunch
Ham & Swiss Sandwich ~ Boxed Lunch
Ham & Swiss Wrap ~ Boxed Lunch
Roast Beef & Provolone Sandwich ~ Boxed Lunch
Roast Beef & Provolone Wrap ~ Boxed Lunch

Luncheon Packages

Includes setups and utensils. Please specify for individually packaged meals (minimum of 5 per package). Please note if you have any vegan or vegetarian guests. The vegan and vegetarian meals will include all side items and protein as stir fried vegetables, beans, or tofu.

Taco Bar
Chicken Parmesan ~ Lunch Package
Chicken Imperial ~ Lunch Package
Tuscan Chicken ~ Lunch Package
Cabernet Mushroom Beef ~ Lunch Package
Beef & Pork Meatball ~ Lunch Package
Blackened Pork Chop ~ Lunch Package


Includes setups and utensils.

Fruit Platter ~ Small
Fruit Platter ~ Large
Vegetable Platter ~ Small
Vegetable Platter ~ Large
Spinach Dip & Chips ~ Small
Spinach Dip & Chips ~ Medium
Spinach Dip & Chips ~ Large
Jalapeno Dip & Chips ~ Small
Jalapeno Dip & Chips ~ Medium
Jalapeno Dip & Chips ~ Large
Deluxe Cheese Platter
Basic Cheese Platter


Includes setups and utensils.


Assorted Sodas