Ghost Kitchen Orlando

7648 Southland Blvd
Orlando FL 32809

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About Ghost Kitchen Orlando
Ghost Kitchen Orlando is a 100% scratch kitchen offering the best sandwiches and salads around! Our bread is baked in house, while all of our 100% all-natural deli meats are sliced in-house as well. Be sure to wow your guests with any of our sandwich trays, party salads, boxed lunches, and party platters!
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Fresh Vegetable Platter
Artisan Cheese Platter
Seasonal Fruit Platter
Chips, Salsa & Guac Platter

Boxed Lunches

Choice of a signature focaccia sandwich, choice of a side item, Deep River® Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, and a signature pink Himalayan salted caramel Belgian chocolate chunk cookie.

Chicken Breast Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Tuscan Italian Sandwich Boxed Lunch
GKO Turkey Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Roast Beef Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Hickory Ham Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Spanish Eggplant Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Buffalo Cracking Chicken & Bacon Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Romulus Focaccia Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Sicilian Tuna Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich Boxed Lunch

Sandwich Platters

Please see the Boxed Lunch category for sandwich descriptions.

Signature Focaccia Sandwich Tray (Half)
Signature Focaccia Sandwich Tray (Large)
Classic Sandwich Tray (Half)
Classic Sandwich Tray (Large)


Boxed Lunch Bundle for 5
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 10
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 15
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 20
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 25
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 30
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 35
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 40
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 45
Boxed Lunch Bundle for 50
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 5
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 10
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 15
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 20
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 25
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 30
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 35
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 40
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 45
Chef Crafted Bowl Bundle for 50

Individual Salad Bowls

Carne Asada Bowl ~ Individual
Big Buddha Bowl ~ Individual
Power Bowl ~ Individual
Southwest Avocado Power Bowl ~ Individual
Salmon Nicoise Power Bowl ~ Individual
Kale Caesar Salad ~ Individual
Greek Salad ~ Individual
Garden Salad ~ Individual

Party Salads

Garden Salad ~ Regular
Garden Salad ~ Large
Kale Caesar Salad ~ Regular
Kale Caesar Salad ~ Large
Greek Salad ~ Regular
Greek Salad ~ Large


Local Kettle Potato Chips ~ Individual
Pesto Primavera Pasta Salad ~ Quart
Country Style Potato Salad ~ Quart
Fresh Seasonal Fruit ~ Quart
Kale Cabbage Poppyseed Slaw ~ Quart
Mardi Gras Veggie Crunch ~ Quart


Belgian Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies ~ Dozen


Assorted Individual Sodas
Filtered Water ~ Gallon
Unsweet Tea ~ Gallon
Sweet Tea ~ Gallon
Lemonade ~ Gallon
Peach Iced Tea ~ Gallon