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8903 E. Three Chopt Road
Henrico VA 23229

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About Lola's Box Lunches & Cup Cakes
Finally! A box lunch that brings your old fashioned favorites together with gourmet cuisine. Our specialty is deliciously unique box lunches, which include a specialty cupcake! We prepare all of our foods fresh and just for you. Lola's, we're Deliciously Unique! Our weekend minimum order size is $250 and we would appreciate your placing any weekend orders by Thursday at 5PM. Thanks!
Easy order, economical, Value Pack Meals
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Value Packs

Looking for a deal? Value Packs are designed to provide a complete meal at a reasonable price. These are also the fastest and easiest way for you to order online. All Meals are for Minimum of 10 people. ***Option to have entrees packaged indivudally.***

Baked Potato Bar ~ Value Pack
White Chicken Chili ~ Value Pack
Honey Rosemary Chicken Breast ~ Value Pack
Italian Grilled Chicken Buffet ~ Value Pack
Grilled Herb Chicken Breast ~ Value Pack
Fried Chicken Buffet ~ Value Pack
Grilled Smoked Chili Chicken Breast ~ Value Pack
Curried Grilled Chicken Buffet ~ Value Pack
Asian Chicken & Broccoli ~ Value Pack
Burger Bar ~ Value Pack
Chicken & Andouille Sausage Buffet ~ Value Pack
BBQ Pulled Pork ~ Value Pack
Spiced Chicken Breast ~ Value Pack
BBQ Roasted Chicken Buffet ~ Value Pack
BBQ Pulled Chicken ~ Value Pack
White Chicken Lasagna ~ Value Pack
White Spinach Lasagna ~ Value Pack
Pesto Linguini Vegetarian ~ Value Pack
Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla ~ Value Pack
Assorted Sandwich Platter ~ Value Pack
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken ~ Value Pack

Breakfast Boxes

Burrito Breakfast Box
Stuffed Croissant Breakfast Box
Biscuit Breakfast Box
English Muffin Sandwich Breakfast Box
Egg Bake Breakfast Box
French Toast Casserole Breakfast Box
Baked Oatmeal & Breakfast Biscuit Box
Bagel & Fruit Breakfast Box


Quiche Buffet
Continental Breakfast ~ Lite
Continental Breakfast ~ Medium
Continental Breakfast ~Heavy
Assorted Mini Pastry Platter
Assorted Bagel Platter
Assorted Pastries & Bagels
Confetti Roasted Potatoes
Fresh Fruit Platter
Morning Break
Yogurt Parfaits
Yogurt ~ Individual
Assorted Stuffed Croissant Sandwich Platter
Stuffed Croissants
Stuffed Croissant ~ Egg & Cheese Only
Biscuit Sandwich ~ Egg & Cheese Only
Sausage, Ham, or Bacon Biscuit
Breakfast Sausage Burritos GF
Breakfast Vegetarian Burritos
Hot Breakfast Buffet
Biscuits & Gravy
French Toast Casserole

Gluten Free Breakfast

Continental Breakfast - Gluten Free
Hot Breakfast Buffet - Gluten Free
Quiche Buffet - Gluten Free


All platters come with disposable plates, napkins, utensils and serving utensils.

Sandwich Platter
Assorted Tea Sandwich Platter
Garden Salad Platter
Greek Salad Platter
Greek Salad Platter with Chicken
Caesar Salad Platter
Caesar Salad Platter with Chicken
Macaroni Salad Platter
Potato Salad Platter
Potato Salad / Macaroni Salad Combination
Fruit Platter
Fruit & Cheese Platter
Cheese and Grapes Platter ~ Small
Cheese and Grapes Platter ~ Large
Cheese and Veggie Platter
Crudite Platter ~ Small
Crudite Platter ~ Large

Box Lunch Sandwiches

Each lunch includes a sandwich with your choice of side (assorted chips, macaroni salad or potato salad) and a Lola's Deliciously Unique Cupcake.

Assorted Boxed Lunches
The Lola Box
The Tree Hugger with Cream Cheese Box
The Tree Hugger with Hummus Box
The Mama's Boy Box
The Yuppie Box
The Miss Priss Box
The Plain Jane Box
The Quarterback Box
The Westender Box

Box Lunch Salads

All salad box lunches come with a salad, sliced baguette and one of Lola's Deliciously Unique Cupcakes. Option to add Grilled Chicken or Salmon.

Lola's Lite Lunch with Chicken Salad
Lola's Lite Lunch with Tuna Salad
The Greek Salad
The Caesar Salad
Chef Salad
Spinach Salad
Kale and Avocado Salad Box

Gluten Free Elsa's Box Lunches

Elsa'a is now offering gluten free and vegan options. Each box lunch includes a Chef's choice side (Fussily Pasta Salad gluten free tossed with gluten free Italian dressing, Asiago cheese, mushroom, cucumber, tomato, pepper and red onion, Gluten free individual bag of potato chips, fresh sliced fruit or marinated cucumber & onion salad.) Also includes a Chef's choice dessert (gluten free brownie, gluten free chocolate chip cookie or a gluten free cupcake.)

Grilled Chicken Tender Sandwich GF
Elsa's Vegan Sandwich GF
Elsa's Vegetarian Sandwich GF
Elsa's Greek Veggie Sandwich GF
Salmon Club Sandwich GF
Elsa's Turkey & Bacon Sandwich GF
Elsa's Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich GF
Elsa's Club Sandwich GF
Elsa's Roast Beef Sandwich GF
Elsa's Fusilli Pasta Salad GF
Elsa's Greek Salad GF
Elsa's Caesar Salad GF
Elsa's Smoked Salmon Salad GF
Elsa's Chef Salad GF


All appetizers are served on platters at room temperature, with appropriate cutlery and serving pieces, plates and napkins. White china can be used for platters with an additional charge of $25 for pick up next day. All appetizers are priced 2 pieces per person. Minimum of 10 per appetizer.

Assortment of Dips
Pinwheel Tortilla Platter
Southern Ham Biscuits
Fresh Fruit Skewers with Mint Drizzle
Mushroom Strudel
Cheese & Cracker Tray
Virginia Chicken Peanut Skewers
Stuffed Dates
Sliced London Broil
Blue Cheese Rolled Grapes
Stuffed Potato Bites
Antipasto Kebobs
Wrapped Asparagus Tips
Tomato, Basil and Goat Cheese Tartlets
Grape Tomato & Basil Mozzarella Skewers
Cucumber Cup filled with Seafood Salad
Ahi Tuna on Wonton Chips
Smoked Salmon Canape
Prince Edward Island Mussels
Ahi Tuna in Cucumber Cups

Hot Buffets

Accompanied by all necessary disposable plates, napkins and utensils. ***Option to have entrees packaged indivudally.***

Cheese Enchiladas
Chicken Enchilada
Fajita Bar with Chicken
Fajita Bar with Steak & Chicken
Fajita Bar with Steak
Roasted Chicken Breast
Chicken Stir-Fry
Beef Stroganoff
Baked Penne Pasta ~ Chicken
Baked Penne Pasta ~ Veggie
Fresh Baked Lasagna ~ Meat
Fresh Baked Lasagna ~ Veggie
Spaghetti with Meatballs

Additional Sides

Mixed Green Side Salad ~ Individual
Mashed Potatoes
Baked Beans
Potato Salad with Bacon
Macaroni Salad
Assorted Chips
Chips and Salsa

Afternoon Snacks

Build Your Own Trailmix (with Fruit Salad)
Granola & Yogurt Bar

Cupcakes & Desserts

Our cupcakes are our signature!

Strawberry Lemonade ~Cupcake of Month - Single
Strawberry Lemonade ~Cupcake of Month - Dozen
Homemade Ho Ho Cupcake
Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake
Cookies and Cream Cupcake
Rebellious Red Velvet Cupcake
Assorted Dessert Platter
Assorted Cookie Platter
Cupcake Platter ~ Dozen
Lola's Mini Cupcakes ~ Dozen


White China Service

Beverages - Individual

Served Chilled

Water ~E077 Compliant 16oz Aluminum Bottle
Soft Drinks ~ Assorted 12oz Cans
Nestea 12oz
Coke 12oz
Diet Coke 12oz
Coke Zero 12oz
Sprite 12oz
Root Beer 12oz
Diet Pepsi 12oz
Pepsi 12oz
Sunkist 12oz
Assorted Breakfast Juices
Tropicana Apple Juice
Tropicana Orange Juice
Tropicana Cranberry Juice

Beverages~ Gallons

Decaf Coffee Service ~ Small
Regular Coffee Service ~ Small
Regular Coffee Service ~ Large
Sweet Tea
Unsweetened Tea