Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

12643 Stone Village Way
Midlothian VA 23113

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About Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe
Whether you're serving 10 people at home, your coworkers at the office, or 100 people at a large event, Taziki's provides everything you need to gather around your table. If you're looking for clean, fresh, delicous and flavorful food, you came to the right place.
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Chafing Set

Gyro Bar

Option to have meals individually packaged.

Chicken Gyro Bar
Grilled Beef Tender Gyro Bar
Grilled Veggie Gyro Bar

Taziki's Feast

Option to have meals individually packaged.

Grilled Chicken Feast
Grilled Beef Feast
Grilled Shrimp Feast
Grilled Salmon Feast
Grilled Chicken Kebobs Feast
Vegan Veggie Feast
Classic Chicken Roll-Up Feast
Grilled Chicken Feast Package

Signature Pasta

Signature Pasta ~ 10
Signature Pasta ~ 15
Signature Pasta ~ 20

Boxed Lunches

Grilled Chicken Sandwich ~ Boxed Lunch
Beef Tender Sandwich ~ Boxed Lunch
Grilled Chicken Gyro ~ Boxed Lunch
Chicken Roll-Up ~ Boxed Lunch
Grilled Chicken Basil-Pesto Gyro ~ Boxed Lunch
Chicken Salad Sandwich ~ Boxed Lunch
Veggie Gyro ~ Boxed Lunch
Spicy Pimiento Cheese Sandwich ~ Boxed Lunch
Taziki's Signature Pasta ~ Boxed Lunch
Mediterranean Salad ~ Boxed Lunch
Greek Salad ~ Boxed Lunch
Greek Salad with Chicken ~ Boxed Lunch
Greek Salad with Salmon ~ Boxed Lunch

Party Dips

Fresh-Made Hummus ~ Vegan & Garlic Free
Taziki Dip
Spicy Pimento Cheeese
Whipped Feta
Chicken Salad


Greek Salad ~ Small
Greek Salad ~ Medium
Greek Salad ~ Large
Mediterranean Salad ~ Small
Mediterranean Salad ~ Medium
Mediterranean Salad ~ Large

A la Carte

Grilled Chicken ~ Individual
Beef Tender ~ Individual
Salmon ~ Individual
Chicken Roll-Ups ~ Individual
Grilled Chicken Kebobs ~ Individual


Baked Pita
Soft Pita
Pasta Salad ~ Small
Pasta Salad ~ Medium
Pasta Salad ~ Large
Basmati Rice ~ Small
Basmati Rice ~ Medium
Basmati Rice ~ Large


Baklava ~ Half Slice
Baklava ~ Full Slice
Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ Dozen


Sweet Tea ~ Gallon
Unsweet Tea ~ Gallon
Lemonade ~ Gallon