Burger 21

43800 Central Station Drive
Ashburn VA 20147

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About Burger 21
Hand crafted sliders in Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Vegetarian and Vegan options as well as tenders, salads and sides. Let us help you feed your whole crew!
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Beef Slider Packs

Cheesy Slider ~ 12 Pack
Bacon Cheesy Slider ~ 12 Pack
BBQ Bacon Slider ~12 Pack

Veggie Slider Packs

Black Bean Slider ~12 Pack
Impossible Slider ~12 Pack

Chicken Slider Packs

Buffalo Chicken Slider ~12 Pack

Seafood Slider Packs

Chicken BLT Slider ~12 Pack

Boxed Lunches

Each box includes two sliders or tenders with coleslaw, B21 Lattice Chips, and a cookie.

Cheesy Sliders ~ Boxed Lunch
Buffalo Chicken Sliders ~ Boxed Lunch
Bacon Cheesy Sliders ~ Boxed Lunch
Black Bean Sliders ~ Boxed Lunch
Impossible Sliders ~ Boxed Lunch
Signature Chicken Tenders ~ Boxed Lunch

Salad Pans

Sonoma Valley Salad Bowl
Garden Cobb Salad Bowl

Chicken Tender Platters

25 Piece Platter
Dipping Sauces


All sides serve 8-10 guest.

Cole Slaw Tray
B21House Chips


All beverages served chilled. Includes Cups.

Bottled Water
Sweet Tea - Gallon
Unsweetened Tea - Gallon

Utensils & Equipment

Utensils - Includes paper products