Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

6972 Forest Ave
Richmond VA 23230

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About Mezeh Mediterranean Grill
Fresh. Bold. Natural. Our food is made in house every day from all natural and fresh ingredients. We have meticulously selected ingredients to ensure that they do not contain any additives or preservatives or unnessary sugar, salt or fat. All Mezeh food is Halal Certified.
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Mezeh Spread

FRESH, BOLD & NATURAL. Our food is made in house, from scratch, every day from all natural, fresh ingredients. We have meticulously selected our ingredients to ensure that they do not contain any additives or preservatives or any unnecessary sugar, salt, or fat and are all Halal Certified! Minimum of 10. The mezeh spread comes with plates, forks and napkins for your guests, as well as, serving utensils for all the food and heating elements for groups of 15 or more to keep the hot food hot for up to 90 minutes.

Mezeh Buffet Spread 
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Wrap Boxes

The mezeh wrap box comes with 10 premade wraps, cut in half (20 pieces), displayed open-faced for your grab-and-go convenience. We recommend pairing any wrap box with one of our salads or platters to complete the Mediterranean experience. (Serves 10-15).

Traditional Wrap Box of 10
Mild Wrap Box of 10
Spicy Wrap Box of 10
Fire Wrap Box of 10
Favorite Wrap Box of 10
Mansef Wrap Box of 10
Salad Wrap Box of 10
Combination Wrap Box of 10


Mediterranean Salad - Small
Mediterranean Salad - Large
Greek Salad - Small
Greek Salad - Large
Spinned Fattoush - Small
Spinned Fattoush - Large


Our platters are divided into 6 compartments, the small platter feeds 15 people and the large platter feeds 30. We recommend adding a mezeh platter to your wrap box catering order to provide a more complete meal for your guests.

Dip Tray - Small
Dip Tray - Large
Mild Platter - Small
Mild Platter - Large
Spicy Platter - Small
Spicy Platter - Large
Traditional Platter - Small
Traditional Platter - Large
Favorite Platter - Small
Favorite Platter - Large
Veggie Platter - Small
Veggie Platter - Large
Pickled Platter - Small
Pickled Platter - Large
Hummus Platter - small
Hummus Platter - Large

Additional Toppings

Minimum of 5 per topping.

Seasoned Pita Chips ~ Vegetarian
Additional Topping
Falafel ~ Half Pan
Lamb Kefta ~ Half Pan


Priced per guest.


Equipment & Utensils


All beverages served chilled and include cups.