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12844 Pinnacle Dr
Germantown MD 20874

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About Moby Dick
Moby Dick's House of Kabob has terrific, healthy, wholesome and fresh fast food. The Washington Post says, "Among the great eating bargains in the metro area and truly Persian"!
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Build your Own Kabob

Remember to add a chaffing dish to keep your meal nice & hot! Minimum of 20.

Build Your Own Kabob - Assortment # 1
Build Your Own Kabob - Assortment # 2
Build Your Own Kabob - Assortment # 3
Build Your Own Kabob - Assortment # 4

Kabob Trays

All trays come with a choice of rice OR salad OR half rice/half salad. Includes Pita bread, grilled tomatoes and our famous yogurt cucumber sauce. **Unfortunately, we are not able to provide substitutions.**

Kabob Tray One
Kabob Tray Two
Kabob Tray Three
Kabob Tray Four
Kabob Tray Five
Kabob Tray Six
Veggie Tray

Traditional Dishes

All meals include your choice of rice, salad, or half rice and half salad with pita bread and yogurt cucumber sauce. Includes the option to add dessert and a beverage. Remember to add a chaffing dish to keep your meal nice & hot! Minimum of 8.

Kubideh Kabob Entree
Joojeh Kabob Entree
Chenjeh Kabob Entree
Barreh Kabob Entree
Spicy Ground Chicken Kabob Entree
Moby's Combo One Entree
Moby's Combo Two Entree
Moby's Super Beef Entree
Moby's Combo Three Entree
Moby's Super Lamb Entree
Salmon Kabob Entree

Individual Salads

Entrée portion.

Garden Salad Entree - Individual
Moby's Salad Entree - Individual
Spinach Salad Entree - Individual
Mediterranean Salad Entree - Individual

Salad Bowls

Minimum of 15. Side portions.

Garden Salad Bowl
Moby's Salad Bowl
Spinach Salad Bowl
Shirazi Salad Bowl
Mediterranean Salad Bowl


Minimum of 5 per appetizer.

Kashk-o Bademjan
Must-o Mooseer


Seer Torshi
Must-o Kheyar (White Sauce)
Kalamta Olives
Feta Cheese
Chargrilled Tomatoes
Chargrilled Onions
Kubideh Kabob
Chenjeh Kabob
Joojeh Kabob
Spicy Ground Chicken Kabob
Chatney (Spicy Green Sauce)
Veggie Kabob
Salmon Kabob
Rice ~ Large


Moby Cookie

Equipment & Utensils

Disposable Chafing Dish
Replacement Sternos