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Naples FL 34108

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About California Pizza Kitchen
PLEASE NOTE - Base delivery fees range from $6.50 to $55 and are dependent on the food and beverage total and if the order is more than 5 or 10 miles away. Drivers are primarily compensated via gratuity, not the delivery charge. Any meeting or party is better with deliciously unique meals from California Pizza Kitchen. Whatever your guest list or budget, our combos and lunch boxes are the perfect blend of innovative recipes and quality ingredients, made to order just for you.
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Number of Setups


Spinach Artichoke Dip [Cal 3380]
Avocado Club Egg Rolls [Cal 3600]
Mexican Street Corn [Cal 2540]
Malibu Focaccia
Smashed Avocado Focaccia
Spicy Honey Bee Focaccia


Crispy Artichoke Salad
The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad
California Cobb Salad [Cal 2750 - 3020]
Thai Crunch Salad [Cal 3540]
Classic Caesar Salad [Cal 1750]

Power Bowl

Santa Fe Bowl [Cal 2530]


Chicken Tequila Fettuccine [Cal 4840]
Kung Pao Spaghetti
Garlic Cream Fettuccine
Curly Mac 'N' Cheese

Specialty Packages

Packages serves as described and cannot be modified.

Classics Pasta Catering Package - Small [Cal 10020 - 13880]
Classics Trio Catering Package - Small [Cal 11600 - 11920]
Classics + Favorites Pasta Specialty Package - Small [Cal 10020 - 13880]

Family Packages

Family Dinner for 4
Family Dinner for 6

Sandwich Packages

Platters served with your choice of cold half sandwiches. Cold Sandwich Assortment - Oven-Roasted Turkey + Brie, California Club with Chicken, California Club with Turkey, Grilled Veggie.

Sandwich Package - Small [Cal 7490 - 9910]
Sandwich Package - Medium [Cal 7970 - 11330]
Sandwich Package - Large [Cal 12540 - 17160]
Sandwich Sandwich Only Package - Small [Cal 5740 - 8160]
Sandwich Sandwich Only Package - Medium [Cal 9720 - 13080]
Sandwich Sandwich Only Package - Large [Cal 10790 - 15410]
Potato Chips - Individual

Lunch Duo

BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ Lunch Duo
Pepperoni Pizza ~ Lunch Duo
California Veggie Pizza ~ Lunch Duo
Traditional Cheese Pizza ~ Lunch Duo
Classic Caear Salad with Soup ~ Lunch Duo
The Mediterranean Salad with Soup ~ Lunch Duo
Super Spinach & Quinoia Salad with Soup ~ Lunch Duo
Half Chicken California Club Sandwich ~ Lunch Duo
Half Turkey California Club Sandwich ~ Lunch Duo
Half Grilled Veggie Sandwich ~ Lunch Duo
Half Oven-Roasted Turkey & Brie Sandwich ~ Lunch Duo
Bolognese Spaghetti ~ Lunch Duo
Tomato Basil Spaghetti ~ Lunch Duo

Boxed Lunches

Minimum of 6 boxes, please.

Assorted ~ Classic Sandwich Lunch Box [Cal 1130 - 1330]
Classic Caesar Salad Lunch Box [Cal 740 - 990]
Oven-Roasted Turkey + Brie ~ Classic Sandwich Lunch Box
California Club with Chicken ~ Classic Sandwich Lunch Box
California Club with Turkey ~ Classic Sandwich Lunch Box
Grilled Veggie ~ Classic Sandwich Lunch Box
Assorted ~ Signature Sandwich Lunch Box [Cal ]
Oven-Roasted Turkey + Brie ~ Signature Sandwich Lunch Box
California Club with Chicken ~ Signature Sandwich Lunch Box
California Club with Turkey ~ Signature Sandwich Lunch Box
Grilled Veggie ~ Signature Sandwich Lunch Box

Main Plates

Cedar Plank Salmon
Chicken Piccata


Canned Sodas [Cal 0 - 140]
Dasani Bottled Water [Cal 0]


Sweets Platter - Small [Cal 4570]
Sweets Platter - Large [Cal 3420]
Red Velvet Cake [Cal 9000]

Original Hand-Tossed Pizzas

Our 10-inch pizzas are cut into 6 slices and should serve 1-2 people per pizza. Wheat whole grain crust is available upon request.

The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza [Cal 190]
Plant-based BBQ Chicken Pizza
The Works Pizza [Cal 210]
Thai Chicken Pizza [Cal 210]
Five Cheese + Fresh Tomato Pizza [Cal 190]
California Veggie Pizza [Cal 180]
Pepperoni Pizza [Cal 190]
Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage Pizza
Avocado Super Green Pizza
Spicy Honey Bee Pizza [Cal 200]

Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

Sicilian Thin Crust [Cal 220]
Margherita Thin Crust [Cal 220]

Gluten-Free Pizza

These gluten-free pizzas are prepared using the strict procedures approved by The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), using a certified gluten-free crust and other ingredients verified by our suppliers as gluten-free. Please inform a manager of any allergies or special dietary needs (e.g. gluten intolerance) before ordering. Any of our pizzas may be made on a gluten-free crust for an additional $2.00, but due to our current kitchen space, only the pizzas listed below can be prepared using GIG´s certified procedures. Please note that normal kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas and guests should consider individual dietary needs when ordering.

Gluten-Free Original BBQ Chicken Pizza [Cal 220]
Gluten-Free Pepperoni [Cal 210]
Gluten-Free Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage [Cal 230]
Gluten-Free Margherita [Cal 250]
Gluten-Free Traditional Cheese [Cal 220]