HoneyBaked Ham

1480 North Point Village Center
Reston VA 20194

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About HoneyBaked Ham
Over 40 years ago, Harry J. Hoenselaar began a special tradition. He'd select the finest quality bone-in ham. Cure it in his secret marinade, and then for tenderness, he'd smoke the ham for hours over a unique blend of hardwood chips. The crowning touch was Harry's crunchy sweet glaze that crackled with good taste. He even found a way to slice the ham into perfectly even slices. He invented and patented a unique machine that slices a ham in a single, continuous spiral. The rest is history! *Receive a FREE Snack tray with Catering orders over $120.
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FREE lunch for person ordering

FREE Box lunch for orderer

Platters and Sandwich Trays

Each Gourmet sandwich is filled with 1/4lb. of meat with lettuce and tomato. All sandwiches made on freshly baked breads to include Baker's Roll, Croissant, Ciabatta and Sliced Multi-Grain. If you would like to change your bread selection on any sandwich, please do so in special instructions at check out. All trays come with plates, napkins, utensils and individual condiments.

Signature Meat Tray
Supreme Sandwich Platter
VIP Buffet

Box Lunches

All box lunches includes Sandwich, Chips and Cookie.

Assorted Box Lunches
HoneyBaked Ham Classic Box
Smoked Turkey Classic Box
Roasted Turkey Classic Box
Ham Salad Box
Chicken Salad Box
Tavern Club Box
Turkey Bacon Ranch Box
BBQ Smoked Stacker Box
The HoneyBaked Box
Roasted Tomato & Cheddar Box
Salad Box Lunch

Buffet Salads

Each buffet salad serves 4-6 guest.

Cobb Salad - Buffet
Cobb Salad (Vegetarian) - Buffet
Garden Salad - Buffet

Individual Salads

Served in individual container.

Cobb Salad - Individual
Cobb Salad (Vegetarian) - Inividual
Garden Salad - Individual

Appetizer Platters

Veggie Platter
Fruit Platter


Smashed Potato Salad - Individual
Smashed Potato Salad - Pound
Broccoli Bacon Bliss - Individual
Broccoli Bacon Bliss - Pound
Ham Salad
Chicken Salad

Hams & Turkeys

Each HoneyBaked Hamģ is hand-selected for leanness, smoked up to 24 hours, then spiral-sliced to the bone so each tender, juicy slice is easy to serve. Finally, each ham is smothered in that sweet and crunchy secret-spice glaze you crave.

4 lb.Boneless Ham
8 lb. Half Ham
9 lb. Half Ham
10 lb. Half Ham
3 lb. Smoked Turkey Breast
3 lb. Roasted Turkey Breast
Classic Combo 8 lb Half Ham & 3 lbTurkey


Cookies are freshly baked every day!

Cookie Temptation Tray


Served chilled.

Assorted 12oz beverages

Utensils & Equipment

Utensils - Includes paper products & utensils