Boston Market

7west, Milepost 115, Mass Turnpike
Framingham MA 01701

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About Boston Market
Delivery fees start at $20 depending on drive miles and while normally correctly computed are subject to revision. Gratuities are effectively included and not accepted. Boston Market Catering requires FOUR hours of notice for any order changes and prior business day notice for all cancellations.
Bring something good to the table and let Boston Market Catering deliver hot and delicious food to your next office event or personal gathering. From hand carved all natural rotisserie chicken and roasted turkey, to fresh salads and easy to serve home style sides, your guests will experience a meal full of flavor, while you enjoy an event free of hassle. You can pick up your order in the restaurant or have us deliver it right to your door.
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Setups / Utensils

Setups for the number of guests you are ordering for are included with our hot buffets at no charge. Select this item to add more to your order or to add setups to our a la carte items. Priced per set of 10. Plates, Flatware & Napkins.

*Setups* for 10

Hot Buffet

5 person minimum. Your favorite hot entree paired with your choice of two home style sides, fresh baked cornbread, disposable plates and flatware.

Signature Rotisserie Original Chicken
Rotisserie Original Chicken - White Meat
Signature Rotisserie Zesty BBQ Chicken
Rotisserie Zesty BBQ Chicken - White Meat
Roasted Turkey Breast
Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie
Baby Back Ribs 1/4 Rack
**Add to Buffet** Extra Roasted Turkey Breast
**Add to Buffet** Extra Rotisserie Chicken
**Add to Buffet** Extra Rotisserie Zesty BBQ Chicken
**Add to Buffet** Extra 1/4 Baby Back Rib
**Add to Buffet** Extra Meatloaf


***Sandwich orders must be placed by 5pm the day before your event.**Setups are not included with a la carte items** Please select the separate menu item for setups if needed.***

Sandwich Platter
Complete Sandwich Bundle
**Add to your Sandwich Platter**
Deluxe Sandwich Bar
**Add to your Deluxe Sandwich Bar**
Classic Sandwich Bar
**Add to your Sandwich Bar**
Sandwich Box Lunch
Deluxe Sandwich Box Lunch
Half Sandwich Box Lunch
Deluxe Half Sandwich Box Lunch


**Setups are not included with a la carte items** Please select the separate menu item for setups if needed.

House Salad - Serves up to 10
Caesar Salad - Serves 8 10
SW Cobb Salad - Serves 8 to 10
House Salad ~ Individual
SW Cobb Salad ~ Individual
Caesar Salad ~ Individual


Rotisserie Chicken Soup

A la Carte Entrees

**Setups are not included with a la carte items** Please select the separate menu item for setups if needed.

Signature Rotisserie Chicken
Signature Rotisserie Zesty BBQ Chicken
Roasted Turkey Breast & Gravy
St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs

A la Carte Sides

**Setups are not included with a la carte items** Please select the separate menu item for setups if needed.

Fresh Baked Cornbread
Gravy - Serves 4 - 6
Mac & Cheese - Regular
Mac & Cheese - Large
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - Regular
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - Large
Sweet Corn- Regular
Sweet Corn - Large
Creamed Spinach - Regular
Creamed Spinach - Large
Cilantro Lime Rice - Regular
Cilantro Lime Rice - Large
Steamed Vegetables - Regular
Steamed Vegetables - Large
Sweet Potato Casserole - Regular
Sweet Potato Casserole - Large
Fresh Steamed Broccoli ~Regular
Fresh Steamed Broccoli ~Large
Garlic Dill New Potatoes - Regular
Garlic Dill New Potatoes - Large


Please note that prices may vary from prices displayed below.

Chocolate Brownies - Individual
Apple Pie - Whole
Apple Pie - Slice
Chocolate Cake - Slice
Carrot Cake - Slice
Dessert Platter - Small
Dessert Platter - Large


Dasani Water
Coke ~ Individual
Diet Coke ~ Individual
Sprite ~ Individual
Minute Maid Lemonade ~ Individual
Assorted 2 Liters
Coke - 2 Liter
Diet Coke - 2 Liter
Sprite - 2 Liter
Gallon to Go ~ Sweet Tea
Gallon to Go ~ Unsweet Tea
Gallon to Go ~ Raspberry Sweet Tea
Gallon to Go ~ Lemonade
Gallon to Go ~ Raspberry Lemonade

Hot Buffet Extras

Reusable Heating Kit
Sterno Can Replacements