Rio Wraps

4036 Telegraph Rd
Bloomfield Hills MI 48302

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About Rio Wraps
Experience the Southwestern Taste.
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Utensils - per person

Rio Classics Lunch Boxes

10 box minimum, please. Boxes include your choice of wrap with tortilla chips and freshly made salsa, and dessert. Regular are made on 13" tortillas (flour only)

Chicken Original Burrito ~ Box Lunch
Beef Original Burrito ~ Box Lunch
Steak Original Burrito ~ Box Lunch
Veggie Original Burrito ~ Box Lunch
Chicken Fajita Burrito ~ Box Lunch
Beef Fajita Burrito ~ Box Lunch
Veggie Fajita ~ Box Lunch
Steak Fajita ~ Box Lunch
Chicken Rio Bravo ~ Box Lunch
Beef Rio Bravo ~ Box Lunch
Steak Rio Bravo ~ Box Lunch
Veggie Rio Bravo ~ Box Lunch
Holy Moly ~ Box Lunch
Chicken Bowl'Rito ~ Box Lunch
Beef Bowl'Rito ~ Box Lunch
Steak Bowl'Rito ~ Box Lunch

Bu Bu Lunch Boxes

10 box minimum, please. Boxes include tortilla chips, freshly made salsa, pico de gallo, black beans and our house perfecto queso. Served atop a bed of our special potatoes.

Originial Bu Bu Burrito ~ Boxed Lunch
Buffalo Bu Bu Burrito ~ Boxed Lunch
BBQ Bu Bu Burrito ~ Boxed Lunch
Honey Bu Bu Burrito ~ Boxed Lunch

Rio Deli Platters

Rio Deli Platters feature a delicious assortment of your favorite deli wraps (Rio Club, Turkey Twist, Rio Hamwich, Hail Caesar), cut in half and labeled for easy identification.
Add chips & salsa to your tray for an additional charge.

Small Deli Platter
Medium Deli Platter
Large Deli Platter

Wraps & Grilled Sandwiches

Served with chips and salsa.

Turkey Twist Wrap
Club Rio Wrap
Hail Ceasar Wrap
Rio Hamwich Wrap
Club Paradise Sandwich
Naked Chicken Sandwich
The Untwisted Turkey Sandwich

Burrito Party Pack

Our classic party packs bring a whole new meaning to "spicing" up the party! featuring an assortment of our award winning classic burritos (Original, Holy Moly, Fajita, Rio Bravo and Veggie).

Small Burrito Party Pack
Medium Burrito Party Pack
Large Burrito Party Pack

Taco & Fajita Bars

Let your guests be the masters of their own culinary domains with any of our 'build your own' bars. 10-person Minimum. Option to 'Make It Deluxe' (Includes a heaping portion of chips and fresh house salsa, freshly prepared guacamole and your choice of black beans, refried beans or our Spanish pico rice) for an additional $2 per person.

Chicken & Beef Taco Bar
Chicken Fajita Bar
Steak Fajita Bar

Salad Trays

The Rio Salad for 10-15
The Rio Salad for 25-35
Chapala Salad for 10-15
Chapala Salad for 25-35
Baja Fresco Salad for 10-15
Baja Fresco Salad for 25-35


Enchiladas - Chicken
Enchiladas - Beef
10 Layer Nacho
Quesario with Chips & Salsa
Taco - Chicken
Taco - Beef
Taco - Steak

Individual Salads

RIO Salad - Individual
Chapala Salad - Individual
Baja Fresco Salad - Individual

Party Extras

Pinto Beans ~ Small
Pinto Beans ~ Large
Black Beans ~ Large
Black Beans ~ Small
Spanish Pico Rice ~ Small
Salsa ~ Small
Salsa ~ Large


Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie - 6 "
Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie - 10"


All beverages served chilled.

Pepsi - 2 Liter
Diet Pepsi - 2 Liter
Sierra Mist/Starry - 2 Liter
Mt. Dew - 2 Liter
20 oz. Beverages