Norfolk Catering Company

265 West Tazewell Street
Norfolk VA 23510

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About Norfolk Catering Company
Norfolk Catering Company and restaurant is family owned and located in downtown Norfolk. They deliver to all of Hampton Roads. In 2013 they were rated among the best in the region and awarded the 2013 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction award. They use the finest ingredients and prepare their menu items from scratch.
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Start your day with our freshly prepared breakfasts. Our Breakfast Buffets allow you to customize your order by adding coffee and juice and include all plates and utensils. Add our disposable chafers for extending serving times, located at the bottom of our menu.

Morning Glory Breakfast Buffet
Sunshine Breakfast Buffet
Southern French Toast Breakfast Buffet
Southern Pancake Breakfast Buffet
Heart Healthy Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich
Breakfast Biscuit Platter for 10
Breakfast Biscuit Platter for 25
Breakfast Biscuit Platter for 50
Fruit Platter ~ Small
Fruit Platter ~ Large

Sandwich and Salad Platters

An easy way to feed the group! Choose one or combine sandwich or wrap and salad platters for the perfect meal.

Assorted Sandwich Platter
Assorted Wrap Platter
Platter Platter Deli Buffet
Fruit Platter ~ Medium
Chicken Salad Trio Cold Platter
Tuna Salad Trio Cold Platter
Mediterranean Chicken Salad Buffet
Mediterranean Salad Buffet ~ Vegetarian
Asian Chicken Salad Buffet
Asian Salad Buffet ~ Vegetarian
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Buffet
Caesar Salad Buffet - Vegetarian
Gyro Salad Buffet
Chef's Salad Buffet

Box Sandwiches and Wraps

Made fresh, just for you! Your choice of a sandwich or wrap with either our fresh Mediterranean pasta salad, cole slaw, potato salad or chips and a cookie for dessert. Add a drink for a complete boxed meal!

Box Lunch Sandwich Assortment
Black Forest Ham and Swiss Box
Turkey & Provolone Box
Chicken Salad Box
Tuna Salad Box
Mediterranean Chicken Wrap Box
Asian Chicken Wrap Box
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Honey Chicken Wrap
Veggie Wrap Box

Box Salads

Made fresh, just for you! Your choice of one of our crisp salads with dressing on the side and cookie for dessert. Add a drink for a complete boxed meal!

Mediterranean Salad Box - Vegetarian
Mediterranean Chicken Salad Box
Strawberry Walnut Salad Box - Vegetarian
Strawberry Walnut Chicken Salad Box
Gyro Salad Box
Asian Chicken Salad Box
Asian Salad Box - Vegetarian
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Box
Caesar Salad Box - Vegetarian

Taste of Greece

Pastitsio ~ Buffet
Lamb Shank ~ Buffet
Pork Souvlaki ~ Buffet
Chicken Souvlaki ~ Buffet
Lasagna ~ Buffet

Hot Buffets

All buffets include plates, utensils, napkins, cups and ice. Add disposable chafing dishes for extending serving times to keep your dishes warm, located at the bottom of our menu. Please note, at this current time all buffet items are individually packaged.

The All American Buffet
Southern Buffet
Italian Feast Vegetarian
Grecian Chicken Feast
Grecian Pork Feast
Philly Buffet
Chicken Philly Buffet
Greek Gyro Buffet - Traditional
Greek Gyro Buffet - Chicken
Italian Feast
The SOUPer Buffet
The Vegetarian Buffet
The Backyard Buffet


Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Cole Slaw


Assorted Cookies ~ Dozen
Apple Pie ~ Slice
Seasonal Pecan Pie ~ Slice
Seasonal Pumpkin Pie ~ Slice


Individual beverages are served chilled. Bulk beverages include cups and ice.

Assorted Beverages ~ 12 oz Cans
Assorted Beverages ~ 2 Liters
Coke ~ 2 Liter
Diet Coke ~ 2 Liter
Pepsi ~ 2 Liter
Diet Pepsi ~ 2 Liter
Sprite ~ 2 Liter
Mountain Dew ~ 2 Liter
Sweetened Iced Tea ~ Gallon
Unsweetened Iced Tea ~ Gallon
Lemonade ~ Gallon
Assorted Fruit Juices
Coffee Bar


Add chafers to keep your meal warm for extended serving times. Setups are included but please let us know how many you need!

Disposable Chafing Dish