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About Best of Chef 1 Studios

Chef 1 Studios is the company behind some of your favorite Cater Nation partners and this menu features our top menu items. Just as business casual attire is more than casual but less than formal, so is our catering. When fast food chain restaurant catering just won't do and traditional formal catering is just too much, the solution is Chef 1 Studios Business Casual Catering. If your meeting or event is on a weekend, check with Cater Nation regarding our availability. We'd love the opportunity to serve you!
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Best of Chef 1 Meal Deals!

All specials are served with cookies and assorted sodas and bottled water. Minimum of 12 guests required. On the Chef 1 Studios Big Parties and Extended Coverage concept, a minimum of 30 people is required.

Sweeten Up Your Monday - Grilled Honey Glazed Chicken
Better Than Tacos Tuesday - South of Border Grilled Chicken
Hump Day - Grilled Hawaiian Chicken
Fight Through to the Weekend Thermopylae Thursday - Greek Lemon Chicken
Friday Vacation In the Med - Mediterranean Balsamic Chicken
EVERYDAY SPECIAL - Baked Penne Pasta

Dual Entree Buffet

Minimum of 12 guests required.

Rosemary Chicken & Tender Beef Tips Buffet

Make it a Two Entree Buffet

Add second entree to buffet?

Awake Breakfast

For a full list of our options see our Awake menu.

Orange Juice - Gallon
Hot Breakfast Bar   
Pancake Breakfast Bar
Awake Breakfast Colossal Continental Cornucopia
Add Fresh Fruit to Buffet

Chef 1 Express Hot Buffets

Priced per person. For a full list of our options see our Chef 1 Express menu.

Steak Chimichurri
Steak & Chicken Chimichurri
Steak with Mushroom Demi- Glace
Steak with Mushroom Marsala wine
Best Value! Greek Lemon Chicken
Rosemary Chicken
Tender Beef Tips
Mediterranean Balsamic Chicken

Somemore Italian Entrees

Priced per person. For a full list of our options see our Somemore menu.

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Lasagna with Meat Sauce

789 Deli

For a full list of our options see our 789 Deli menu.

Biggest Baddest Burger & Chicken Bar
Lunch Power Pack
Deluxe Biggest Baddest Burger Bar

Dusty Trails BBQ and Grill

For a full list of our options see our Dusty Trails menu.

Deluxe BBQ Sandwich Feast
BBQ Chicken Sandwich Bar
Deluxe BBQ Chicken Sandwich Bar
Biggest Baddest Chicken Sandwich Bar
Dusty's Complete Feast
Dusty's BBQ Sandwich Feast
Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Breast

Mac's Mexican Grill

Priced per person. For a full list of our options see our Mac's Mexican Grill menu.

Fajita Fiesta
Taco Buffet

Bayou Vieux

Priced per person. For a full list of our options see our Bayou Vieux menu.

Bayou Beer Broasted Chicken
Blackened Chicken Pasta
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

Individual Meals

Individually Packaged Meals

Special Meals

If you have guests requiring a special, please select the appropriate item below for the number of meals needed and order your buffet for your total number of guests.

Dairy Free Meal Upcharge
Gluten Free Meal Upcharge
Vegan Meal Upcharge
Vegetarian Meal Upcharge


Baker's Dozen Cookies
Additional Cookies


8-pk Assorted Sodas & Bottled Water
Assorted Canned Drinks
Bag of Ice (10 lb)


Fresh Fruit

Delivery & Presentation

Full-service catering is available (onsite service, chafers, china, tables, chairs, etc.). Please call 321-206-3101 to receive a quote!

Disposable Chafing Setup