TooJay's Gourmet Deli

1129 Canal St
The Villages FL 32162

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About TooJay's Gourmet Deli
***TooJay's base delivery fees start at $5 and increase in increments of 5 drive miles (drivers are tipped employees and do not receive the delivery fee). 19 HOUR LEAD TIME. TOOJAY'S HAS A 30-MINUTE DELIVERY WINDOW. Please specify your preferred window in special instructions or it will be 30 minutes prior to delivery time selected up to the delivery time.***

TooJay’s offers the classic recipes and flavors of a New York deli served with lots of love and amazing hospitality. More than 35 years later and with almost 30 locations, our focus is still the same - serving hearty portions of homemade comfort foods, handcrafted sandwiches, and made-from-scratch soups salads and baked goods. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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Breakfast Packages

All orders include plates, napkins, utensils, serving utensils and cups when appropriate. Meat choices - bacon or sausage.

The Executive Breakfast ~ Regular
The Executive Breakfast ~ Large
Fresh Fruit Salad ~ Regular
Fresh Fruit Salad ~ Large
Sausage Links ~ A La Carte
Smokehouse Bacon ~ A La Carte

Hot Breakfast Buffets

All orders include plates, napkins, utensils and serving utensils. See options at bottom of menu to add fresh fruit, coffee or beverages to your buffet.

Disposable chafing dishes
The Scrambler ~ Regular
The Scrambler ~ Large
Breakfast Wraps ~ Regular
Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches ~ Regular
Breakfast Brioche Sandwiches ~ Regular
Breakfast Wraps ~ Large
Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches ~ Large
Breakfast Brioche Sandwiches ~ Large

Continental Breakfast Platters

Signature Continental Platter ~ Small
Signature Continental Platter ~ Regular
Signature Continental Platter ~ Large
Continental Platter ~ Small
Continental Platter ~ Regular
Continental Platter ~ Large
Nova Salmon Platter ~ Small
Nova Salmon Platter ~ Regular
Nova Salmon Platter ~ Large
Smoked Fish Platter ~ Small
Smoked Fish Platter ~ Regular
Smoked Fish Platter ~ Large

Party Platters

All orders include plates, napkins, utensils, serving utensils and condiments. See options at bottom of menu to add side salad, dessert or drinks.

Assorted Signature Platter ~ Small
Assorted Signature Platter ~ Regular
Assorted Signature Platter ~ Large
Assorted Classic Platter ~ Small
Assorted Classic Platter ~ Regular
Assorted Classic Platter ~ Large
Deli Meat Platter ~ Regular
Deli Meat Platter ~ Large
Specialty Trio Salad Platter ~ Small
Specialty Trio Salad Platter ~ Regular
Specialty Trio Salad Platter ~ Large
Fresh Vegetable Platter ~ Small
Fresh Vegetable Platter ~ Regular
Fresh Vegetable Platter ~ Large
Assorted Cubed Cheese Platter ~ Small
Assorted Cubed Cheese Platter ~ Regular
Assorted Cubed Cheese Platter ~ Large
Fresh Fruit Platter ~ Small
Fresh Fruit Platter ~ Regular
Fresh Fruit Platter ~ Large
Platter of Lettuce & Tomato ~ Small
Platter of Lettuce & Tomato ~ Regular
Platter of Lettuce & Tomato ~ Large
Platter of Assorted Sliced Cheeses ~ Regular
Platter of Assorted Sliced Cheeses ~ Large


Boulder Canyon Potato Chips

Classic Choices Box Lunches

Corned Beef Box Lunch
Roast Beef Box Lunch
Turkey Breast Box Lunch
Tuna Salad Box Lunch
Dill Chicken Salad Box Lunch
Traditional Chicken Salad Sandwich Box Lunch
Egg Salad Box Lunch
Chicken Caesar Wrap Box Lunch
Roasted Veggie Wrap Box Lunch
Hummus Wrap Box Lunch

Signature Choices Box Lunches

Triple J Box Lunch
Turkey BLT Box Lunch
Roast Beef & Cheese Box Lunch
Turkey Breast & Cheese Box Lunch
Turkey Avocado Box Lunch
Ham & Cheese Box Lunch
Shrimp Salad Wrap Box Lunch

Individual Garden Fresh Salads

Salads accompanied by a mini black & white cookie. Upgrade to a large chocolate chunk cookie for an additional $0.99.

Chicken Caesar Salad - Entree
House Salad with Chicken ~ Entree
House Salad ~ Entree
TooJay's Chopped Salad - Entree
Greek Salad - Entree
Strawberry Citrus Salad - Entree
TooJay's Cobb Salad - Entree

Salads for the Group

TooJay's Chopped Salad ~ Small
TooJay's Chopped Salad ~ Regular
TooJay's Chopped Salad ~ Large
TooJay's Cobb Salad ~ Small
TooJay's Cobb Salad ~ Regular
TooJay's Cobb Salad ~ Large
Greek Salad ~ Small
Greek Salad ~ Regular
Greek Salad ~ Large
House Salad ~ Small
House Salad ~ Regular
House Salad ~ Large
Caesar Salad ~ Small
Caesar Salad ~ Regular
Caesar Salad ~ Large

Platter Packages

All orders include plates, napkins, utensils, serving utensils and condiments. See options at bottom of menu to add drinks.

The Signature Executive Meeting ~Small
The Signature Executive Meeting ~ Regular
The Signature Executive Meeting ~ Large
The Classic Executive Meeting ~ Small
The Classic Executive Meeting ~ Regular
The Classic Executive Meeting ~ Large

Hot Entrees

All orders include plates, napkins, utensils and serving utensils. See options at bottom of menu to add dessert or drinks.

Disposable Chafers
Pan and Sterno Only
Chicken Capri ~ Regular
Chicken Capri ~ Large
Garlic Chicken Pasta ~ Regular
Garlic Chicken Pasta ~Large
Baked Atlantic Salmon with Dill Sauce ~ Regular
Baked Atlantic Salmon with Dill Sauce ~ Large
Roasted Veggie Pasta ~ Regular
Roasted Veggie Pasta ~ Large
Chicken Marsala ~ Regular
Chicken Marsala ~ Large
Meat Lasagna ~ Regular
Meat Lasagna ~ Large
Traditional Turkey Dinner ~ Regular
Traditional Turkey Dinner ~ Large
Beef Brisket ~ Regular
Beef Brisket ~ Large

Sweet Treats

Traditional Dessert Platter ~ Small
Traditional Dessert Platter ~ Regular
Traditional Dessert Platter ~ Large
Fresh Baked Cookie Platter ~ Small
Fresh Baked Cookie Platter ~ Regular
Fresh Baked Cookie Platter ~ Large
Gourmet Cakes (8-inch)
Plain Cheesecake (8-inch)
Cheesecake With Strawberries (8-inch)
Key Lime Pie


Ice not included with beverages. See option to order separately.

Hot Tea~ For 10
Coffee~ for 10
Orange Juice - Gallon
Martinelli's Apple Juice
Assorted Juices
Unsweetened Iced Tea - Gallon
Sweetened Iced Tea - Gallon
Peach Tea - Gallon
Lemonade - Gallon
Bottled Water
Bottled Water~Case
Assorted Canned Sodas
Assorted Canned Sodas~6 Pack
Dr. Brown's Soda ~ 6 Pack