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"Your customer service is top notch, you are reliable, and, quite honestly, your rewards program is better!"

Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies have trusted our service since 2003.

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Every meeting matters. We know plans change and dietary needs come up. Our top-rated customer care team is available to help!  Yes, a free team to help you save the day. And when things don't go perfect, we fight your battles so you don't have to!

Best Caterers

We track performance of our catering partners and hold them to high standards of excellence. We certify and manage our partners to ensure accurate, on-time delivery. Price markups are not allowed. You can be confident in your order from one of 2,058 local restaurants and caterers.

Best Rewards

Cater Nation is a free service that pays you! With every order, you can earn 2-10% back in CN Rewards to redeem for gift cards or Cater Nation credit. Choose from American Express, VISA, gift cards and many more! Earn bonus points for referring your friends!

Here are some of the major restaurant brands that partner with Cater Nation.

Served Since 2010

Cater Nation continues to be the highest-rated service in the industry. 

Cater Nation has the #1 Ranking for online food ordering according to Trustpilot, a leading independent review platform. 

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We Select Only the Best Restaurants and Caterers

We Manage Your Order from Start to Finish

We Confirm with the Restaurant and You

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Cater Nation is the trusted source for

Sales Professionals

We understand meetings can impact your bottom line and your day. Our process ensures our restaurants & catering partners deliver your meal accurately and on time, allowing you to focus on your sales presentation. 

Easily manage your invoices in one place (receipts can even automatically import into SAP Concur).

Since 2003, hundreds of sales professionals at AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Genentech and other companies have counted on us to get the meals right so that they can focus on educating their clients.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste time picking up food or calling restaurants! Use Cater Nation as much as you can, so you can maximize your time. The people at Cater Nation are lifesavers!


Executive Sales Representative, Pharmaceutical

Office Administrators

Same-day ordering, last minute changes or special instructions? Our Customer Care team can help!

Company-wide invoices and order history can be consolidated and viewed by an account administrator.

Stay in budget by setting spending limits and a policy for tip percentages.

Cater Nation team members have served Fortune 500 Companies like Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Spectrum/Time Warner Cable, Quicken Loans and others since 2003.

Cater Nation is a third party blessing. I don’t have to keep track of orders, I receive reminders from them. I call Cater Nation with my order or changes and they take care of everything.


Operations, Finance Mangement

Personal Events

Organizing a meal for a neighbor or a friend in need? Make your parties simple, and allow us to take care of the food!  

Place your order online or by phone and we will take care of the rest!

Whether it's a birthday party, dinner party, or family picnic we have many options at every price point.

Cater Nation is a one stop shop. All the Cater Nation restaurants have been vetted, so I don’t have to worry about anything!


Executive Assistant, Technology and Education

Restaurants & Caterers

Are you committed to delivering a high level of service? Do you want to increase your catering sales? We are looking to partner with the best restaurants and caterers! 

We certify and hold our partners accountable to maintain a high level of service. 

Let us connect you to businesses and consumers who want the best drop-off catering.

Our model is focused on driving incremental sales to you. The restaurant only pays commission when orders are received (no fixed cost).

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As a customer I appreciate that Cater Nation holds providers to high standards, so I’m always confident that my orders will be on time and accurate. Also as an owner of a franchise and provider for Cater Nation, I appreciate the high standard they hold us to and the seamless extra business they’ve help us generate.


Restaurant Franchise Owner & Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Areas We Serve

Our Restaurant & Catering Providers are located across the United States in over 500 metro areas.